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Income and expenses

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The income and expense template in Excel It allows us to keep control of our personal finances.

Our Excel templates are preformatted documents for your use; developed in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Templates help us by organizing the content and calculations of the document, allowing them to be customized and saved.

A spreadsheet facilitates the work of reproducing similar or identical documents, used to keep a retail control of budgets, expenses, commissions on sales, cash flows, inventories, provisions, etc. allowing to obtain summaries of information from different points of interest. An Excel template can contain formulas, macros, charts, headers, etc ...

Characteristics of the Income and Expenses template

  • Items of income and different types of expenses disaggregated.
  • Calculate the balance at the end of the month, the percentage that represents the expense in the income, graphs of evolution of each item and a graph that reports the final result on a monthly basis.
  • Easily customizable through row insertion.
  • We can easily adapt it to any country: Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, etc ...

It is important to keep a detailed control on income and expenses made.
Through the disaggregation in different areas, we can quickly visualize the "pain points" in our finances and avoid economic losses.
With clear visibility and accounting, you will be able to adjust deviations due to overspending or under-income on time.

Download Excel Expenses and Income Template

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