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Before opening positions in the equity markets, it will be absolutely essential that you be clear about the sectors to which your savings will be directed. Because you cannot forget that their behaviors are clearly different from each other. With divergences in the quotation marks that can achieve levels up to 3%. This is one of the reasons why it is very important to select the most suitable stock market sectors at all times. Above other technical considerations.

Not only is a good choice of value relevant to configure the investment, but also the sector to which it belongs. This strategy must be executed together to be most effective. In this regard, let us not forget that the evolution of all the stock market sectors is almost never always the same. Because each of them are governed by different parameters and that have variables that are moved by other variables. So that in this way, their prices can be conformed in accordance with the legislation and the offer.

To make this task a bit easier for you, we will show you some of the most relevant sectors of national equities. Where are some of the most influence the selective index of the Spanish stock market, the Ibex 35. The banking and construction sectors are the most powerful and have the greatest impact than in other European stock exchanges. Not surprisingly, its specific weight is higher than 35% and its evolution is decisive for the variable income to rise or fall at a given moment.

Sectors of the stock market: banks


The banking segment is the sector par excellence of equities since its presence captures the attention of a good part of the small and medium investors. With great activity in the exchange of securities in all trading sessions and that determine the real evolution of the selective index of the Spanish Stock Exchange. With values of the relevance of BBVA, Santander, Sabadell or Bankinter. Many of them are integrated like the blue chips of the financial markets and with a large volume of contracts. Since they are characterized by being very liquid values.

Construction sector

Another of the great sources of reference to carry out operations in the markets of our country. On the other hand, it cannot be forgotten that it is one of the stock market sectors that has appreciated the most in the last thirty years due to the predominance of brick in the Spanish economy. On the other hand, it is the most representative equity sector. With values of the relevance of ACS, Ferrovial, Acciona or Colonial. Because there are also real estate companies like the previous one. In all cases, they are very large capitalization companies and very receptive to the operations of small and medium investors.

Electric companies

It is another of the most relevant sectors of Spanish equities. Where they act as safe havens in the face of instability scenarios in the financial markets. Another of its main contributions is that offer a dividend payment one of the highest in the markets. With an average annual profitability around 6%. What configures these values as a very original strategy to make a portfolio of fixed income within the variable. Being the most conservative investors the most sensitive to carry out their operations in the equity markets. Being configured in one of the most traditional sectors for many years. With countless titles that are traded every day. With representatives of the stature of Endesa, Iberdrola or Naturgy.

Telecos: with few representatives


Important but scarce sector in Spanish equities. With only two participants in the Ibex 35, on the one hand, one of the most relevant blue chips of this stock index, such as Phone. And on the other hand, the new value of Cellnex, which has been listed on the markets for a very short time and from which many positive things are expected from small and medium-sized investors. Whatever the case, all the weight is carried by the reference operator in telecommunications, which has one of the most specific weights in the national stock market. It is possibly not a telecommunications sector like in other neighboring countries due to the scarcity of listed companies in the offer that they launch to retailers. A sector, in short, in a slow but progressive decline from all points of view.

The highly diversified tourism sector

The first industry in our country is not representing in the financial markets as it should position itself. On the one hand, there is the chain Sol Meliá on behalf of hosting and hotels, while IAG is the reference source within the airline segment. On the other hand, Amadeus must also stand out in the marketing of tourism products and services. But little else, contrary to the position generated by tourism in Spain for many years and which is an absolutely unsatisfactory offer for the interests of a large part of small and medium investors. Even though in all these cases, with a volume of recruitment that must be classified as acceptable.

A single insurer on the Ibex 35

In this list we cannot ignore the role that insurance companies play in these types of stock markets. Despite its great relevance, we can only find Mapfre among the 35 companies the national selective index. At the same time, it is a security that has been losing relevance little by little due to the few titles that are subscribed in each trading session. Unlike the rest of the countries of the old continent, in which the insurance companies sector is one of the most important. As an example in Germany and France where several insurers are listed and all of them with a large volume of negotiation. It is a sector that is not weighted in Spain.