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At lottery or eleven prizes, the most succulent are the 11 million euros plus 11 prizes of more than 1 million. These eleven prizes are included in the fantastic drawing.

What part does the Treasury get out of it?

In total, the eleven draw or fantastic draw They are going to distribute 43 million euros, of which the Treasury will keep a total of 5.5 million. This means that for every 8 euros, the farm will keep 1.

Before going to collect your prize you must know several things, such as that the first 2,500 euros of said prize are free for the winner and with the rest, the 20% must be discounted regardless of the amount that has been won. In other words, that 20% is fixed, you have earned 5000 euros or 50 million, since it is the 20% of the total amount.

In the other lower games of only 1 million euros, the amount that each person will receive will be 800 thousand euros and in case it has to be distributed among several people, it is necessary to divide the number of people and deduct a 20% from each.

How to collect this money

For collect this money, you must go to a banking institution with the winning ticket and request your payment. In the bank they will give you the net money, in other words, they will give you the money with the property taxes already discounted.

Yes the money is going to be distributed among several people, All those who are beneficiaries of said money must be present and each one will be given their proportional part with their 20% discounted to each of the part and the number of the total.

What about personal income tax?


Once the award is collected, the people who benefit from it they will not have to pay more amount in their return and they will be able to carry out their income statement in the usual way.

However, if you use that money to have new investments, if you will have to pay that proportional part.

In the event that the award is directed to a company, said company must assign to earning the 20% of the total money that must be extended to complete the amount that must be paid for corporation tax.

Even though it is a practically new law, since it has only remained stable since 2013, the State obliges people who win prizes to pay 20% or more of the total of said prizes, as long as the final amount exceeds 2,500 euros .

In this article we are going to clarify point by point how much you must pay to the treasury when we get a prize.

Christmas lottery

One of the prizes that interests us the most, perhaps because it is one of the prizes in which the most money is raised, is that of the Christmas lottery.

Many people, even before the long-awaited prize is touched, already begin to calculate what will be left once the prize reaches them.


As soon as you start, the prizes you exceed the amount of 2,500 euros They will have to pay 20% of their total prize to the ranch.
The treasure always wins

So you can get a little idea of what they would be like the prizes and payments, who wins the Christmas jackpot, receives the amount of 400 thousand euros. Despite everything, from the beginning you have to deduct 2,500 euros and then make the tax discount, which means that in the end the amount that the person receives is close to 300 thousand.

At christmas prize lists, these prizes are the following already with approved discounts

  • First prize. The winner of this award will have in his possession, net, the amount of 320 hundred euros.
  • Second prize. The winner of this award will be able to enjoy in its entirety the amount of 100,500 euros.
  • Third award. The winner of the third prize will be able to enjoy the amount of 40,500 euros.
  • The fourth prize rewards its winner after the farm keeps its part the amount of 16,500 euros
  • The fifth and the last prize will give the winner the amount of 5,300 euros.

These prizes are to be collected only at collaborating financial entities. Before giving you the money, the entity is in charge of automatically discounting said money (a total of 20%) that will go to a collaborating entity and will be automatically settled at the tax agency on behalf of the person who delivers your winning ticket. .

In case of funny person After receiving your money, you have some type of benefit, such as bank interest or if your assets increase and your assets exceed 700,000 euros.

What does the legislation say about this?


Legislation needs people pay the 20% of the prizes that are achieved, as long as they exceed 2,500 euros. At this point, the stones, which are the prizes ranging from 100 to 1000 euros, are not within the payment obligation. In the rest of prizes greater than 1000 euros but not exceeding 2,500 euros, the different figures that are introduced to users are similar to those awarded per tenths.

People who have to collect their prize for less than 2,500 euros, will be able to collect their tenth in any management without having any type of retention in the amount of money that is going to be collected. In this circumstance, you should not carry out any type of procedure.

What happens when the prizes are shared

When the awards have a type of shared property; The respective amount is distributed to each of the winners and from there the 20% of each is taken.

If only one person collects the prize, but then that person decides to share the prize, the person who receives it must pay a small donation amount.

The government recommends that all people who have decided to share a tenth, be present and identify yourself as winners; in such a way that the farm can identify the winners. You should pay attention that donations are a very high payment in some autonomous communities.


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Corporate taxes


East type of taxes It is awarded when the award goes to an association or company. This money is affected by the corporate tax system and the percentage that is removed is based on the tax rate that is in the entity in which the award falls.

In this circumstance, the people who are going to receive the award must put the amount in the tax base. This will be deducted from the withholding applied when said compensation must be collected.

TV contests

Another part of what the hacienda earns when it wins a prize is from television contests.

Many people, out of boredom or to earn extra money, appear in television contests to win prizes. Apparently, the prizes are very high, despite everything, the part that the person who wins receives is not as much as it was said at the beginning, since the farm keeps a small part of the money.

When we receive a award in a television showBefore collecting this award, the hacienda already holds us up to 21% of the total money. At the same time, when we do the following year's income statement, we must include the amount of money that was paid, which is regularly up to 50%.

The prizes that are won in kind and not in cash are very similar. In these cases, you must have an extra capital, since it has happened that the winners do not have cash to pay the taxes of the prize and must return it to the program in which they won it.

State lotteries and bets

The state award income taxes that are exempt are as follows. primitive, the lottery, the euromillion, the bonoloto.

Regarding the prizes distributed by the different entities, such as the red cross or the eleven, they are not taxed on income either since they have already paid the 20%.


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