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How to add Diplomas on LinkedIn? 【2020】

Today we are going to talk about graduates on LinkedIn, we are going to show you how you should add them, and how important they are for our profiles on this social network.

Steps to add a diploma on LinkedIn

The official help page on LinkedIn shows us an old version of the instructions we have to follow to do something on its platform.

For this reason, we bring you the updated information below.

These are the steps you have to follow to add a diploma in 2018, within this social network:

  1. Click on> Your profile picture > View profile
  2. Click on the blue box> Add Section > Achievements
  3. Click on the (+) symbol
  4. Enter the name of your graduate, first using one of the following abbreviations:

• Diplm.o
• Diplm.a
• Dipl.o
• Dipl.a

  1. Enter the name of the Certification Authority (Entity in charge of publishing the certificates)
  2. Leave the License Number blank
  3. Check the box> This certification does not expire
  4. No need to add the certification URL
  5. Click Save

Where do I see the diplomas added on LinkedIn?

After adding your certificate, you can view it by doing the following:

  • Click on> Your profile picture> View profile
  • Scroll to the bottom
  • Open the section> Achievements
  • Here you can see your diploma

If you want edit some of your graduates on LinkedIn, after having done the above, click on the pencil (Edit), you can make all the modifications you want and then click on> Keep.

To delete a diploma on LinkedIn, click on> the edit pencil and select the white button that says> Delete (Located in the lower left)

What is the use of adding graduates on LinkedIn?

A diploma will help you acquire more knowledge, the great advantage is that you will be updated in your professional branch, which is very important in the competitive world of LinkedIn.

Another benefit of doing a diploma is that your network of contacts will grow, and as we have already explained in other articles, the larger your network, the more opportunities you will have in the workplace.

If what you want is to enrich your LinkedIn profile and increase your possibilities to work at the company level you want, a certificate from a diploma will serve you a lot, the duration is very short compared to a doctorate or master's degree, and the level of knowledge, skills and tools are much more focused on your professional branch.

Diplomas will help you to have greater professional competence, your resume will look much more interesting for companies that want to hire you.

Does adding graduates on LinkedIn increase the chances of getting hired?

Yes, although LinkedIn, for its part, does not mention us about this, it is deductible, imagine that you were a company and you are looking for professionals to work with you.

It is obviously that as an entrepreneur you would like to have the best. You go to LinkedIn and start evaluating the most striking profiles. Finally you are left with a group of 10 professionals who apparently have everything you are looking for, however, you only need to hire 5, how do you go about deliberating?

The option that most choose is to see the certifications (Diplomas, conferences, doctorates, etc.) that have. This is a clear example of the professional's interest in updating their knowledge and growing as a person.

So, we can conclude that without a doubt, adding a diploma to your curriculum vitae or putting it directly on your LinkedIn profile will add many points to your chances of being hired in the job you want.

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