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⭐ How to post a job offer on LinkedIn 【2020】

LinkedIn is one of the favorite social networks on a professional level, so it has become a basic tool for searching and posting jobs. It is this last function, that of publishing a job offer, is the favorite of the human resources managers of the companies.

There are plenty of reasons for this, one of the main ones is why, being a labor social network, future employers have access to all the job data of the candidates, including their former bosses and the companies where they worked.

This is very useful to be able to include only those contacts who comply with the profile and have real information in their profiles. In this way, when publishing a job offer On LinkedIn, you can be sure that you will get only the best possible employees.

Do you have to pay to post a job offer on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn offers the opportunity to post a job offer online if you have vacancies of any kind. These job offers are received by users who are interested and meet the required profile.

LinkedIn, by default, only offers the job posting service to LinkedIn Recruiter Premium accounts, which has a variable cost according to the company's daily budget.

  1. There are also certain techniques or tricks that will allow you to post a job offer on LinkedIn for free, but these methods will lack the benefits offered by the LinkedIn service, such as contacting candidates directly or receiving statistics about the job advertisement.
  2. Step by step to publish job offers on LinkedIn
  3. In order to publish job offers, the following steps must be followed:
  4. First of all, you must click on the icon of job, which is located on the LinkedIn home page, in the upper right. Once this is done, click on Post a job within the displayed menu.
  5. When you click Post a job, the system may direct you to a page with other contract options if you are already a Recruiter account customer. If this is your case, you must click continue.
  6. Once done, the page will open Step 1: What job do you want to advertise?, here you must fill in the fields with the data that are requested, such as the company and its sector, the location, the available position
  7. In addition to this, you must add at least three job functions, the job description, and the skills required for the position.
  8. When you finish filling in the data, you must choose the job application form of the candidates. There are two options for this, one that allows employees to apply directly with their LinkedIn profiles and receive email notifications when this occurs; and another that directs candidates to an external website to submit their applications.
  9. Clicking continue will open the Step 2: add shortlist questions. Here you should place the questions that are considered necessary to learn more about the candidates. After clicking continue, you can set a daily budget for the job advertisement.
  10. With these data, all that remains is to proceed with the payment, which is made with a credit card. If you already have a registered payment method, this process is predetermined, but if you want a new payment method, you just have to add the corresponding information for the purchase.
  11. Finally, it only remains to review all the information provided to verify that everything is correct, and then click on Post job ad.
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How to improve my job offer published on LinkedIn?

Posting a job offer on LinkedIn is not something to be taken lightly, there are ways to get this ad to more users to get better candidates. To do this, the job advertisement can be improved in different ways.

The first one is to check the box Show my profile in the job postingThis will help candidates to access the profile of who is making the job offer, which adds greater credibility to this job.

It is also possible to modify the required skills, modify or delete the existing ones. This is with the intention of getting more suitable applicants for the position. Another option is to Select the most approximate charge, which will help to give more visibility to the job advertisement.

Finally, although it is not essential, it is recommended to add information about the remuneration offered by the position, if not specified, LiknedIn could show an estimate based on the data of the LinkedIn Salary browser, and this information could not be adequate .

Now with your online job advertisement, you will not only be able to receive information about the candidates who apply their application for the position, but also recommendations from LinkedIn about possible candidates that fit the offer, and the possibility of contacting them directly through the service of InMail.

With LinkedIn jobs, you can be sure that in a short time you will have the best possible candidate for the vacancy, and, equally, it is possible share this ad in social networks to give greater visibility to the offer.

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