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▶ 20 Examples of Curriculum Vitae to print [Free Download] ✌

Do you want examples of curriculum vitae? We have prepared this article especially for those new users who joined this platform looking for work and, along the way, realized that they needed a curriculum vitae that adds points and can get the job they want.

LinkedIn is the largest social network for professionals, if you joined LinkedIn, you will surely know that the objective of this platform is to get in touch with other professionals, from your city or others, so that you can socialize to create business and expand. your contact list.

But this is not the main cause for users to register, a large number of these enter LinkedIn to find work, and if you are on this list, you have to know that you must upload a Curriculum Vitae on your LinkedIn profile, where you will have to put from your photo to your experiences in other jobs and your virtues.

Importance of a good Curriculum Vitae on LinkedIn

It is important to have a good Curriculum Vitae on LinkedIn because it is your cover letter, when the company wants to hire you, it will first want to know more about you and know if you have the qualities that the job requires.

Having an impeccable resume on LinkedIn is important because it is the first step to finding a job, and it aims to capture the attention of the company assistant, who is in charge of hiring the professionals.

Your resume on LinkedIn has to be not only good in appearance and aesthetics but also in its content, which is even more important.

If you present a poor CV you may lose points compared to other very well prepared CVs from other professionals who are competing with you for a certain job position.

For that and many other reasons, you should spend a lot of time and patience creating one.

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However, and to make your task easier, we have prepared some examples of these curricula, so you can download it for free and edit it with your personal data and other information.

How to make a Curriculum Vitae for LinkedIn?

To put together a good curriculum vitae (CV) and upload it to LinkedIn, it is important to take into account even the smallest details, you have to present this document as if it were the best version of yourself, here are some tips:

  • The font that you use in your Curriculum Vitae must be of a suitable size and the font must be easy to read.
  • Your Curriculum vitae must be organized and structured
  • The minimum blocks of data that you must have are: your personal data, your degree of education and your previous jobs.
  • Use easy to understand words
  • Consider not using many spaces or enlarging the letter in order to build the curriculum in more sheets, if you can only do it in 2 or 1, no problem.
  • Be precise with the data, don't go too far
  • Be formal and creative when describing yourself

Curriculum Vitae Models

Here are 15 examples of Curriculum vitae to use on the LinkedIn platform, these CVs are basic and to be completed. You can download these Curriculum Vitae formats completely free in PDF and in Word for editing.

We also remind you that these examples of CVs are not the law, that is, it is not mandatory that you use them as we show them, they are only "Examples" and can be modified to your liking, but we recommend you try to keep the style, as they are optimized and created precisely so that they can compete on the largest social network to find work: LinkedIn.

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