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→ View LinkedIn profiles without a trace • [Solved] • 3 methods

Viewing LinkedIn profiles without leaving a trace is easier than you think. Did you know that there are some tricks to be able to view a LinkedIn profile without logging in or in private mode?

3 methods to view LinkedIn profiles without leaving a trace

Next we are going to leave you 3 ways in which you can see any LinkedIn profile, without that person knowing. It is very useful if you are part of the human resources of a company and you want to recruit staff. Although in reality these options can be used by anyone. Go for it.

Method 1 to view LinkedIn profiles without leaving a trace

Setting privacy

In case you did not know, LinkedIn gives you this option, which you can configure from your profile, of course it is not very popular, and very few people know it, we leave you the steps to take to configure your privacy on LinkedIn and prevent it from someone else knows when you visited their profile.

  1. Log in on LinkedIn
  2. Click on your profile picture
  3. You are going to have several options, hover over > account
  4. Click on > Settings and Privacy
  5. Click on > Privacy
  6. Click on > How others see your activity on LinkedIn
  7. Click on > Profile view options
  8. Selection > Private mode
  9. Ready, you can anonymously browse all the LinkedIn profiles you want.

Method 2 to view LinkedIn profiles without leaving a trace     

Without logging in

LinkedIn allows you to visit all the public profiles of its users without the need to log in, this way you will be visiting many profiles without leaving traces, however, it has limitations, it only shows you the basic information of the user and asks you to log in to see the full profile, but it can help you a lot anyway.

  • Login to
  • Scroll to> Find coworkers
  • Write the name of the person you want to visit their profile
  • Click> Search
  • Click on the profile name
  • Ready

Method 3 to view profiles on LinkedIn without leaving a trace

Creating an account with another name

We do not recommend this option, fake profiles are not a good idea and can cause problems if they are misused. However, you can create one for the sole purpose of spying or viewing LinkedIn profiles without leaving a trace.

If you do not trust the first option, or you think that there may be some margin of possibility that the configuration does not work at 100%, and you also want to review the profile of the professionals in a complete way. So if or if you will need to log in, and of course you can do it from an account with a different name.

If you use this method, you don't need to reconfigure option 1, don't even worry about it.


You may not know it, but LinkedIn is one of the very few social networks that notify the other user when you visit their profile, this may sound disappointing, but no, actually, LinkedIn is a very serious platform, and for professionals it should be It is useful to know which companies visit your profile, with that you can analyze the option of modifying some things in your profile to attract searches for specific companies.

However, many brands do not want their names to be registered when visiting each professional, and apparently LinkedIn understands it perfectly, of course it does not put an option where it says: "Look here a profile without leaving traces", however, As we saw previously, it has it included in its configuration and any user can access them.

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