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We are sure you ever had the temptation to spy on an Instagram account. Possibly you did not do it for fear of being caught red-handed.

Maybe you wanted to see what that person with whom you no longer get along so well was publishing, or you would have liked to see the stories of your competition, but ... What if they catch you red-handed? Relax because when you finish reading this article, you will have the essential tools to become a professional Instagram spy and not be hunted in the attempt.

Are you interested in knowing how view Instagram stories in a hidden way, without anyone knowing?

Spying on Instagram stories, is it viable?

Spying on an Instagram account is easy, but you have to comply with some basic guidelines.

To start, the account must be public, if not we will be able to do nothing.

If the person to spy has a public account, we will be able to see its content without attracting attention, but there may be something that is still complicated.

Yes, you were right: Instagram stories!

As much as the account is public, if you watch a story you will be marked forever!

So, is it feasible to see someone's stories without staying on the list of people who have viewed it?

The solution is: yes, it is feasible!

Ways to spy on Instagram stories without getting caught red-handed

Next, I am going to show you which are the simplest ways to spy on Instagram stories in a hidden way, without raising suspicions.

View Instagram stories in a hidden way from your PC

It is as simple as visiting the next page and write the name of the account you want to spy on in the search engine.


Not only will you be able to view all the stories that that account has spread on Instagram and in its highlights, but at the same time you will be able to download them.

As it is completely independent from Instagram, you will be able to see even the information of those accounts that have blocked you.

View Instagram stories anonymously from your mobile device

But, what if you don't use the PC and you want to be able to do it from your mobile device?

Well, you can also do it from your mobile device, avoid worrying.

What mobile device do you have?

  • If you have iOS

In the event that you want to use your mobile device to spy on Instagram stories, you must download an App from the App Store: Story Reposter.

It works the same way as when we did it from the PC.

You can search the application search engine for the account that interests you and voila!

You will be able to gossip all the stories anonymously.

  • If you have Android

If you have an Android device you must download Story saver from the Google Play Store.


Once you have downloaded it, you will see the search engine in the upper right corner.

Simply type the name of the profile you want to spy on and, among the options that they show you, click "save / download". The story will download to your device and you can view it outside of Instagram.

The downside of spying from the mobile device is that you will not be able to do it if the person has blocked you, therefore in that case I advise you to do it from the PC or create a new profile.