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Images have an important weight, both in a personal and professional sphere. Perhaps for this reason, Instagram is the most popular social network today, as users can apply original filters without mastering complex photo editing applications.

From a corporate point of view, marketers have also seen the need to include visual elements in their content strategy, as they generate more interactions and increase the time the user stays on their website.

Many have insecurities when it comes to fixing photos because they do not have knowledge of photo retouching. For this reason, we have created this list, aimed at those professionals who do not master professional design programs.

Because Photoshop is not the only program that exists to edit or retouch photos. Luckily, there are an infinite number of applications from where you can retouch your images quickly and easily, and most importantly, achieve a professional result!

5 Apps to edit photos and make collages

To get professional images, 100 % of quality, it is best to go to computer software such as Photoshop. Through these programs you will achieve a precision that you will hardly obtain with mobile applications. But of course, it all depends on what your need, knowledge and budget are.

But if you need to edit or retouch an image quickly, easily and obtain an optimal result (without having design knowledge), these applications to edit photos online for free will be the solution you were looking for:

1) Crello

This free app is an ideal online graphics editor for those who don't know how to design. And it contains all the necessary functions to achieve professional results.

The most remarkable of Crello is that it has more than ten thousand free templates, with which you can create graphics in different formats, for social networks, banners, business cards, invitations, posters, flyers, etc. Plus, it has a photo library with over 65 million free and paid stock illustrations, photos, and icons.

To use it you just have to log in with your Facebook or Google account. And now you can start creating your design from scratch or starting from a template to edit and customize it to your liking. You will be able to edit text, color, image and size. Finally, you will be able to download your image in JPG, PNG or PDF format.

2) Visme

Its free version is very complete, but if you need to access detailed statistics, have access to numerous predesigned templates and access the functionality of forms to capture leads, it is definitely worth hiring the premium version of Visme.

Visme is a powerful image editor for social networks, posters or flyers, but it is also very practical for any other visual content such as infographics and videos. To know all its functionalities read more here.

3) Picmonkey

This is another of the most recommended editors to edit photos and, also very powerful for making infographics. It stands out mainly for these photo editing functions:

  • Stickers: It allows you to add stickers or stickers to your photos.
  • Effects: With the magic wand tool (left sidebar), you can choose from a bunch of original effects.
  • Textures: With a brush or rubber you can paint where you want the effect not to be applied, thus giving a realistic impression.

4) Fotor

Fotor It is a very easy to use online program, from which you can access whether you register or not. Ideally, you should sign up to be able to use all the functions, without any limits.

Something that caught our attention is that in its interface you can see how the tools are grouped by very intuitive categories. In addition, Fotor allows you to adapt to your needs, being able to work with its editor from the desktop or from the mobile.

Among its most outstanding functions we find:

  • Basic Edition: Within this function you can retouch your photos with the HDR effect. You will only need 3 photos of the same scene, with different exposures.
  • Effects: it has non-classical effects that simulate flare effects or the miniature effect, among others. Another point in its favor is that you can save the effects that you like in "favorite".
  • Portrait Photos: The beauty section is ideal for portrait or body photos. Very useful for enhancing someone's image, retouching popular selfies, and removing red eyes.
  • Adhesives: This option is attractive to those who subscribe. Fortunately, the plans it offers Fotor they are very economical if you compare it with others of the competition.

5) Pixlr

Pixlr is an online photo editor that you can use from your desktop, or through your mobile device. This tool is one of the ones that most resembles the Photoshop interface in terms of all the functionalities it presents (effects, colors, contrasts, shadows…).

These are some things we can do with Pixlr to give our photos a professional touch:

  • Blur of backgrounds.
  • Add frames to your images.
  • Tint a tone in the photo (the colors in the photo disappear to bring out the color of a single object).
  • Retouching to give color to your photos.
  • Funny and original stickers.
  • Collages with multiple images.


There are many tools and apps to edit and retouch your photos. But it is clear that it will depend on your needs to choose one or the other. However, if you are not sure, we encourage you to try these 5 that we propose and tell us later which one has been most effective.

If you know of any other photo editing apps that you've had a good experience with, please let us know in the comment section. So we can expand this list!

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