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How to access TikTok from your computer

Several Applications They are specifically designed for use on mobiles or tablets, despite everything, some of them can be run on computers, such as TIC Tac. That is why we will explain the way to access TikTok from your computer.

TIC Tac It is not the only application that can be used on the computer, but other applications such as Instagram also allow its use from the computer, even with its limitations. They are mobile app and that's where it makes sense to use them.

Later there are some exceptions, such as WhatsApp or Telegram, which have specific applications for Windows and are not an application duration available for mobile devices. These two messaging platforms are one of the few that have this option.

TikTok via BlueStacks

The only way to access TikTok on your computer is use the BlueStacks platform, an application for Windows that makes it possible to run Android mobile applications and games, even though this requires a more or less powerful PC.

In case you were wondering, on the TikTok web portal there is no opportunity to log in or whatever, so you have to resort to very different options. In this circumstance, the only opportunity that exists is to use BlueStacks and install TikTok.


In this way, you only have to do download BlueStacks on your computer and do the following:

  1. Opened Bluestacks and wait a few seconds, it may take a while for the entire system to load.
  1. Now go to the search engine at the top right and type «TIC Tac«. The platform will begin to search for the application in the Google Play search engine to download and install it, as if it were on an Android smartphone or tablet.


  1. Wait a few seconds for TikTok to complete the installation and open the app.
  2. The only thing left after entering the application is log in with your TikTok account And voila, you can start watching videos, save videos to your favorites, discover profiles, etc.
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Running TikTok from your computer with this software will be useful as a query, to watch videos and browse, even though to download content it is better to use the application on your smartphone, because this is how you need to use it normally.

There is an application for Windows 10 called 7 Tik that you can find in the Windows Store that should allow use TikTok, but for some strange reason it never gets installed on the computer even though the download and installation procedure is completed successfully.

Therefore, the only chance to access TikTok from your computer is to use Bluestacks. It will be useful as a query for the platform, but nothing more, since you will only achieve its full potential using the respective applications for mobile phones and tablets.

Did you know that you can access TikTok from your computer?


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