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YouTube TV users have reported an occasional bug stating the following. Sorry, there was a licensing error for this video.


Only appears when using Chromecast media players or a Chromebook. Note that YouTube TV is compatible with the latest Chromecast devices or the Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra app.

If you're using a 1st-gen Chromecast, the issues are even more common. At the same time, the bug appears to affect not only streaming to YouTube TV, but all video content as well.

Google Chrome update

  • Go to the Chrome menu -> Help -> Regarding Google Chrome.
  • You should see the installed version of Chrome and an "Update" button when updates are available.

Log out of your Google account on Youtube

If you are logged into Youtube with your Google account, please log out and try using Youtube again. This works if the problem was caused by a problematic Google account.

Restarting your router

Try restarting the router and it may work like a charm for you.

Uninstall Youtube and reinstall it.

If there is a problem with the Youtube application, the problem will occur. To fix the problem, you can try uninstalling the application and then reinstalling it.

Update the router firmware

Many iPhone users have said that updating the router firmware is the right thing to do for them. It is important to emphasize trying this method. To understand how to update the router firmware, check your modem model and then refer to the router manufacturer's web portal for detailed instructions.


Decidedly, we still come across a lot of bugs on YouTube. Some can be corrected later by following the troubleshooting tips, but others cannot. If you find wonderful movies, shows, music videos, or other meaningful / funny resources on YouTube, it's a good idea to download them locally in case you come across any unexpected errors on YouTube while watching them online.

RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and get the most out of your system performance