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Rosetta Stone can be a great tool for learning a new language, if the program works properly. Error code 2123 is a database error where the program is having difficulty loading the program or loading your progress in the lessons. There are several alternatives to fix this error that will give you options if the first solution you try doesn't work.


What is the cause of these kinds of problems?

There can be many reasons for this type of problem, one of which is system file corruption. Corrupted system file entries can pose a real threat to the health of your computer.

System file errors can occur in several ways. Incomplete installation or uninstallation, incorrect removal of applications or hardware. It can also be caused by the restoration of your computer after a virus or adware / spyware attack or an improper shutdown of the computer. All of the above activations may result in deletion or corruption of Windows system file entries. This corrupted system file results in missing information and files that are incorrectly linked and necessary for the proper functioning of the application.

Red Rosetta Stone: Dynamic Route Customization

Error code 2123 is slightly different for the network version of Rosetta Stone. To examine the problem, close Rosetta Stone, restart the affected computer, and restart Rosetta Stone. If the error persists, you must change the IP route of the program. Start File Explorer and navigate to C:\ProgramData\Rosetta Stone Network. Open the DynamicStoredPaths.xml file in a text editor such as Notepad. Look for the following tags:

Enter the IP address of the computer (or “” if the computer is not connected to a LAN) and save the file, then delete Tracking.db3 from the Network folder. After reboot, the program should work.

How to Fix Rosetta Stone Error 2123

Look for apps that interfere with Rosetta Stone:

  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard, type Control and hit Access.
  2. Click Uninstall a program located under Programs.
  3. In the listing, look for the following programs:
    Dell Datasafe (including Dell Datasafe Online)
    Sonic mastering studio
    enlarge text
  4. If Sonic Mastering Studio or Zoomtext is installed, close these programs. Then start Rosetta Stone and restart Sonic Master Studio or Zoomtext.
  5. If Dell Datasafe is installed, please contact Dell to run Rosetta Stone or uninstall it at your own risk.
  6. If BitDefender is installed, contact BitDefender to add exclusions.
  7. If Acronis is installed, contact Acronis to add exclusions for C: Documents & Settings All Users Rosetta Stone Application Data .

Continue to the next step if you still get an error.


Reboot without Internet

In some cases, the Internet connection when the application starts can interfere with some of your items and prevent you from accessing them. So, in this step, we will restart the computer without Internet, then we will launch the application. For that:

  • Disconnect the computer from the Internet.

RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and get the most out of your system performance