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How to switch between browser tabs using the shortcut key: Most of us know how to switch between different programs in windows, we use the shortcut key «ALT + TAB». While we work, we normally open many tabs in our browser at the time. People normally use the mouse to switch between browser tabs. But sometimes it is easier to use the keyboard if we are typing a lot and we need frequent information from the different browser tabs.


In our browser there are also many shortcut keys, luckily for a different browser, most of these shortcut keys are the same. Browsers like Chrome have a different type of shortcut key for navigating tabs in a unique way. You can go directly to the first or the last tab or you can change one by one from left to right, you can even open the last tab that you have closed with these shortcut keys.

How to switch between browser tabs using the shortcut key

In this article, we will learn about these different keyboard shortcuts for switching between tabs in a different browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox using the guide below.

Switch between Google Chrome tabs with the hotkey

1. "CTRL + TAB" is the shortcut key to move from one tab to the right in the browser, "CTRL + SHIFT + TAB" can be used to move from right to left between the tabs.

2. You can also use some other chrome key with the same purpose as "CTRL + PgDOWN" to move from left to right. 3. Similarly, "CTRL + PgUP" can be used to move from right to left on the chrome.

3. There is an additional shortcut key in chrome is "CTRL + Shift + T" to open the last tab you closed, this is a very useful key.

4. "CTRL + N" is the shortcut key to open a new browser window.

5.If you want to go directly to the tab between 1 and 8, you just have to press the «CTRL + NO» key. FROM TABLE ». But it has a restriction which is that you can only move between 8 tabs, if you press "CTRL + 9", it will still take you to the eighth tab.


Switch between Internet Explorer tabs using the shortcut key

Internet Explorer has almost the same shortcut key as chrome, it's great since we don't have to remember many keys.

1.If you want to move from left to right, use the shortcut key «CTRL + TAB» or «CTRL + PgDOWN» and to move from right to left the shortcut key will be «CTRL + SHIFT + TAB» or «CTRL + PgUP ».

2.To move to a tab, we can use the same shortcut key "CTRL + Tab No.". Here, we also have the same restriction, we can only use a number between 1 and 8 like (CTRL + 2).

3. "CTRL + K" is the shortcut key that can be used to open the duplicates tab. It would be useful to take as a reference.


So these are some of the most important shortcuts for Internet Explorer. Now, we will learn about Mozilla Firefox shortcut keys.

Switch between Mozilla Firefox tabs using hotkey

Some of the shortcut keys that are common in Mozilla Firefox are CTRL + TAB, CTRL + Shift + TAB, CTRL + PgUP, CTRL + PgDOWN and associate a CTRL + Shift + T and CTRL + 9.

2. "CTRL + HOME" and "CTRL + END" that will move the current tab to the beginning or the end, respectively.

3. Firefox has the shortcut key "CTRL + SHIFT + E" that opens the tab group view, where you can choose any tab using the left or right arrow.

4. "CTRL + SHIFT + RETURN TO BEGIN" will move the current tab to the left and "CTRL + SHIFT + RETURN TO BEGIN" will move the current tab to the right.


These are all shortcut keys that can be useful for switching between tabs while working.

I hope the steps above have helped you learn how to switch between browser tabs using the shortcut key, but if you still have any questions regarding this tutorial, feel free to ask them in the comment section.

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