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Sometimes when you try to launch a game on Xbox, you will encounter Xbox One error 0x87de2712. This occurs when the user tries to launch the game and the full error is:


Try again. Unfortunately, the title of the game did not start. If you have a disk, insert it now (0x87de2712).

This error can occur for a number of reasons, including problems with the Xbox Live server, incorrect alternate addresses, and firmware matters.

If you also encounter this error, here are some troubleshooting tips to help you fix Xbox One error 0x87de2712 so that you can finish your gaming session without any hassle.

Check the status of the Xbox Live service

  • If you are using digital media. However, if you do not have access to a disc with the game, or if it is a multiplayer game that requires Internet access, you may see errors when problems arise on the Xbox Live server.
  • The Xbox Live server may shut down due to scheduled maintenance or hardware failure.
  • Microsoft notifies users of the service failure on the current status page.
  • Visit the Xbox Live status page and see if there are any issues with the Xbox service.
  • In the Games & Apps section, take a look at the apps that are listed as having issues and are not available.
  • If you find it, there is nothing you can do about it. Microsoft will fix and change the status after the problem is resolved.

Xbox One network connection troubleshooting


If your Xbox One console has network connectivity problems, we will show you the best solution for this type of connectivity problem.

Network connectivity problems generally fall into two categories:

  • Cannot connect: The console cannot detect or connect to your home network, connect to the Internet, or connect to Xbox Live.
  • Poor connection quality: Even though the console can connect to Xbox Live, it has connection quality problems such as: B. Poor streaming quality, random shutdowns, or poor performance.

Can't connect Xbox One to Xbox Live even though you were able to connect before? If you have already verified that there are no warnings or service interruptions preventing you from connecting, run a network connection test to identify the problem:

  • Click the Xbox button to open a guide.
  • Select Profile & System> Settings> General> Network Settings.
  • Select Test network connection.

If the connection test is successful, your console will connect to Xbox Live. If the connection verification fails, go to "Troubleshooting Network Connection Errors" and select the respective error message to start the problem response.

Select a different network mode


While some games may require the Internet to play, most are designed to be played offline.

If you choose to play offline, the games may delay the procedure that requires an internet connection to continue playing.

If you find that your game is under maintenance in Xbox Live status, it is better to change the network mode. We will see how to do this:

Paso 1: Abra el menú «Guía» y haga clic en el botón Xbox en el gamepad.

Paso 2: Ahora vaya a «Configuración» y haga clic en «Sistema».

Paso 3: Elija «Configuración» y haga clic en «Red».

Step 4: Open the network settings in the Network menu.

Step 5: Select Switch to offline mode.

Step 6: This will put your console in standalone mode.

Step 7: Now you need to restart your console.

Step 8: Run the game with an error and check it out.

Power cycle


If the above study indicates a local roadblock, the most efficient way to fix the 0x87de2712 error is to log out and log out.

This operation will delete the vast majority of temporary files that can cause problems of this type. Since this procedure clears the power capacitors, it also eliminates several problems with the firmware.

Several users who have also encountered this problem have confirmed that the problem has been completely resolved by following the instructions below. Here's a quick guide to shutting down and re-enabling your Xbox One console to fix error 0x87de2712:

  • Start the procedure making sure your console is fully enabled (not in standby mode).
  • Then press and hold the Xbox button on the front panel of your console for about 10 seconds or until the front light stops flashing. Release the button as soon as you notice this behavior.
  • When the procedure is complete and your console shows no signs of activity, wait a full minute, then physically unplug the cord from the electrical outlet to ensure that the procedure went smoothly.
  • Afterward, turn the console back on by pressing the button on the Xbox console again. However, make sure you don't hold down like you did before. Look for the Xbox startup animation logo during the startup sequence. When you see it, accept it as confirmation that the ignition cycle was successful.
  • Once the boot sequence is complete, try running the game that previously caused the 0x87de2712 error and see if the problem is resolved.

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