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Sometimes he uTorrent not responding An error may occur while downloading your favorite movie. But you can change the situation by following a few steps. Sometimes when uTorrent is not working, it is essential to know if it is blocked or frozen. If this is the case, basically assume that the app cannot download the torrent file.


Usually this type of problem occurs due to your isp problem or if the torrent you are downloading does not have active seeders.

Before trying a hack, first try downloading a verified torrent that contains a good number of related seeders. If it works, it means it's just a hindrance with this specific torrent.

Also check if other devices on your network have similar problems with this torrent. If it works, it means it's your uTorrent problem, probably a firewall hurdle.

restart your router

Many routers have a buggy operating system, in most cases dongles. The router also has its operating system and a small RAM. If it is not used correctly, it fills up and we must reboot/reset it to eliminate RAM.


uTorrent crashes many times

Possible causes include V-Com System Suite, Cybersitter, NVIDIA Firewall, and Normal Personal Firewall. You can fix the problem by uninstalling the appropriate software.

uTorrent gets stuck

If uTorrent is ever blocked, it means that your copy of the torrent is unavailable or incomplete. You can solve this problem by waiting or trying to get another version of uTorrent.

uTorrent is not responding/freezes/hangs

This problem can be solved by saving the configuration. Here is the process to follow:

  1. Create a backup of all torrent files on Appdata.
  2. Press Windows + R to open Run.
  3. Type% appdata% uTorrent.
  4. Press Enter

When you press Enter, you will receive your torrent files, which are usually located in the Appdata roaming folder.

  1. Please note the download location of any incomplete downloads.
  2. Uninstall uTorrent
  3. reinstall uTorrent
  4. Set the download location as the folder for all incomplete downloads (select the Settings option from the File menu).
  5. Open all .torrent files with uTorrent.

Control points and spacing

A possible reason for the “The system cannot find the specified path” issue is that there is a dot or space in the download path. Sometimes uTorrent changes the torrent download path by adding a period or space at the beginning or end, which makes the path unreadable (and why the client reports that the system cannot find the path). If so, check the torrent file path for any dots or spaces before or after the folder name. Delete them and check if the “The system cannot find the specified path” error still appears.


Disable proxy servers

Proxy servers are used on some networks (in most companies or public places) where they are used to provide faster access to the Internet by caching items that are accessed many times. This mechanism is used globally, but is still in conflict with network applications (including uTorrent). If you use uTorrent in a company where proxy servers are required, it is recommended to modify the network and try again. This is the method to disable the proxy server on your computer.

Press Windows + R, type "inetcpl.cpl" in the dialog box and press Enter.
Internet properties are now open. Click the Connections tab, then LAN Settings.

If you are now using a proxy server, the field will be checked for the details it contains. If enabled, disable all proxy servers. Now restart the app and check if the issue has been resolved.


These are the basic resolution steps that you can try to fix uTorrent not responding issue from your Windows computer and Android Mobile. So you can run it every time the problem occurs. If you require help with this, please let us know in the comments field below. That I have to do

RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and get the most out of your system performance