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Requirements to be able to emulate the switch

Emulating a new generation console is not as simple as emulating, for example, an NES or a Play Station 1. For this, as well as a good emulator, we will need a more or less powerful PC capable of emulate hardware and BIOS console to be able to play the game at an acceptable level of FPS.

To play more or less well, it is recommended to have a 6th generation Intel Core i3 processor, or more modern (or its identical AMD Ryzen 3) accompanied by 8 GB of RAM memory to load the game without problem. At the same time, at the same time it is recommended to have an NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card, or a Radeon RX 470, as well as 16 GB of RAM, for a better experience.

Of course, even if we are going to run the games in digital format, it is necessary to have bought previously the physical game so as not to incur a piracy theme.

Yuzu, the most advanced switch emulator

yuzu-6883596Yuzu It is one of the first Switch emulators to emerge. This totally free and open source emulator comes from the creators of Citra, one of the most popular 3DS emulators. This emulator is written in C ++ and emulates the essential components of the Nintendo Switch hardware to function. This is one of the reasons why some games do not work and the performance can leave a little to be desired in some titles.

You can check the compatibility list of this emulator in the following link. As we can see, its developers have worked remarkably to optimize the emulator to play the most popular games. Breath of the Wild and Link's Awakening, for example, are games that can be played acceptably with this emulator. The whole Pokémon saga at the same time is going quite well, in the same way as Mario Maker 2 and Odyssey. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of games that just don't end up working well.

We can download the latest version of this emulator for free from the following link. We can use this emulator without problems and with the same compatibility, both on Windows and Linux. To be able to use this emulator we need, on the one hand, a dump of the NAND of the console (since this emulator will load the complete system of the Switch) and part of this the Keys. If we have a vulnerable switch, it will be easy to do so. In spite of everything, if we do not have it, we will have to search the Internet well to find it.

Ryujinx, a simpler but functional alternative


Ryujinx is another identical project that aims to bring the Switch to Windows 10 users. This Nintendo Switch emulator at the same time is totally free and open source, and is written in C #. Its development is based on offering the best possible gaming performance, precise emulation and, at the same time, ease of use.

The compatibility list can be seen in the following link. Compatibility with commercial games is much lower than what can be found in Yuzu. Despite everything, it is true that this emulator allows you to emulate homebrew with much more precision, while running games that its alternative does not emulate correctly, such as Animal Crossing New Horizons or Mario Kart.

We can download the latest version of this Nintendo Switch emulator from the following link. While Yuzu we could use it on Windows and Linux, Ryujinx at the same time it is compiled for macOS.

This emulator is simpler because it only requires the use of KEYS from an original console (they can easily be found on the internet) and does not require a full NAND dump like Yuzu. Instead, this ease results in loss of functionality and poorer compatibility.

Cemu, the definitive WiiU emulator

cemu-windows-5266580Cemu It is not exactly a Nintendo Switch emulator, but one of the best emulators for WiiU, its predecessor. In spite of everything, since Nintendo released many games for Switch and for WiiU, especially in the first months of life of its new console (such as Zelda BotW or Mario Kart 8), Cemu has become one of the best alternatives to play some Switch games. (obviously released for WiiU) on the computer.

Although it can be difficult to configure and consumes a lot of resources, Cemu allows us to play practically any WiiU game on a PC with excellent performance. But, we repeat, it does not support the exclusive Switch games, but emulates their versions ported to WiiU.

We can download Cemu from following link.

Beware of fake emulators

To date, these three are the only true emulators that we can find to play Nintendo Switch games on a PC. And the experience, unless you have a very powerful computer, is not entirely perfect. And the best of the three emulators is Cemu, especially if we want to play Mario or Zelda, since this is the one that offers the best support for these great titles.

Despite everything, there are websites that offer us another set of PC emulators to play this console. You should know that all these emulators You are wrong. There are no other emulators that allow us to play this Nintendo console, and most likely, if we listen to it, we will eventually fall into the clutches of hackers.