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HDfull me ✔️ Alternatives 2021

Comfort, personalization and privacy are just some of the reasons why every day we see an increase in the number of users who use the torrent search engines and websites worldwide. The popularization of this P2P transfer system It has made it possible that within the 1,000 most visited sites on a global level there are five portals dedicated to this type of activity. is one of the portals used by many people to download movies and series for free. Its database is huge and very varied, which made it not only sought after by those who were interested in series and movies. This is for the comforts that make it possible to enjoy your favorite content in the comfort of your home..

At the same time, you gain a lot in terms of personalization and privacy, since you have at your disposal a huge database of films and series of all genres constantly updated. But undoubtedly the most important thing is to be able to enjoy all of this completely free of charge., for which you have several portals specialized in torrent search. That is why in this post we offer you an extensive list of portals that will be the perfect alternative to HDFull.

HDfull has the same fate as Megadede. Doesn't it work or have they closed?

The platform has been blocked by some of the major Internet providers. Unfortunately he has suffered the same fate as Hispashare. The consequence is the fall of the service, so many users are wondering if the portal no longer works. Which in a way is a reality, is no longer available. Like the site Megadede, they have had to shut down their servers.

From the company they have been trying to calm things down through a statement, inviting their followers to enter the service through the https version. But the answer seems not to be enough, and we join those who believe that the service is in fact no longer available. This forces us to look for other options to continue enjoying our favorite movies and series.

*Upgrade: According to those created, the web continues to be open under the new domain.

List of the best torrent websites (P2P) alternatives to HDFull


We know of the large number of staff who are concerned about the closure of HDFull and other portals, so below we offer you a list of suggestions with the best options available today, to help you continue enjoying your films and series completely free.


This is our first suggestion as an option to Elitetorrent has become the largest platform to download documentaries and series in Spanish, where you will be able to download with just one click.

At the same time to be able to enjoy the latest premieres on the billboard, Elitetorrent guarantees great quality and safety when browsing the platform. Another of the points in its favor has to do with the opportunity to use the filters to analyze the weight of the files, which allows you to make the revisions before downloading the file that you like and suit.


TPB, apart from being the site with the longest time providing the torrent download service for the whole world, has managed to circumvent all attempts to block access to its page. ThePirataBay Mirror websites allow you access even if one of their pages is blocked.

At the same time, ThePirateBay is the leading content platform, with hundreds of titles available to Internet users. Accessing these titles is as simple as sorting them in the search bar. Of course, you are assured aspects such as quality, privacy and security.


The fans of the serials have in InkaSeries a great alternative to From the first visit to the site you will see the quality and variety at the same time of the careful design of the site. On the left of the page you will find the series ordered by gender, which makes it much easier to select the option that most interests you at the moment.

At the same time, it offers you a wide variety of movies in the original language with subtitles, all within an intuitive and easy-to-navigate site. Likewise, you can choose between its interesting content of different quality, which goes from home recordings to HD format.


Quality, variety, and especially security, is what distinguishes Torlock from the rest of the entertainment content download platforms. When we talk about quality, we are including the impressive speed with which the downloads from this site are executed. Undoubtedly one of the best alternatives now that has closed.

When we make a separate mention of site security, we assure you that it is not an exaggeration. For this, it is enough to say that those responsible for the platform offer rewards to their users for detecting suspicious torrents and reporting them to the community. That should give you an idea of what we are saying.

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Spanish-speaking internet surfers have the ideal alternative to shutting down The speed with which this portal has been making its way into the preferences of the cinephile public is impressive. The constant updating of the list of offers for music, documentaries and series is just one of its great attractions.

If to that you add the ease of browsing through its simple design and without complications of any kind when using the page, you have a more complete idea of why in a very short time it has become the favorite of each time more people.


From the moment you enter the platform you know that it is a place where you can find everything you are looking for. On this page you can browse freely thanks to its intuitive design, although it is true that it is not among the most named of the torrent search engines for movies and series.

While being available in Spanish, you have the opportunity to select multimedia content from the most popular and from all eras, which definitely includes the latest on the billboard. All with top-of-the-line picture and sound quality.


When we include LimeTorrents among the options on, we do so taking into account the impressive database of a platform that now has more than two million torrents available for its growing number of registered ones every day. That without neglecting the quality of the content offer at any time..

Search for free movies or series through the LimeTorrents platform, it's super easy even for users with little navigation knowledge, something that is undoubtedly attractive enough for all audiences.


If you are entering the world of movie torrent search engines, it is quite likely that you have not heard of the name IsoHunt. But as incredible as it may seem, this is one of the oldest portals on the spectrum and the quality of its content is more than guaranteed.

At the same time, it seems that they have learned a lot about how to take care of suspensions, which is why they offer you some guarantee of continuity in service. Undoubtedly some should be taken into account as a good alternative to


The 1337x site is presented as one of the best alternatives to the closure of, more so now that its founders promise to have overcome certain security problems. The constant increase in their records seems to be a good indication of what is assured by those responsible for this search platform for films and series.

An important fact when we talk about 1337xIt has to do with the high quality of the content it offers. At the same time, among the company's plans is to go beyond being a simple database to become a community of faithful digital communities. This, without forcing those who enter the service to register.


This is a platform that only offers high-quality content, lor that makes your files intended for really demanding users. There are even those who say that RARBG is not designed for everyone.

In spite of everything, it seems that everyone wants to be part of their community judging by the sustained growth that it had from 2015 to this part. We must make it clear that the simplicity of the design of your website, with search by words and categories, is reason enough for every day more customers want to take advantage of your select offer of content.

Tips you should know before downloading free content


When you access any movie, series or music download platform, among others, it is essential that you do it knowing at least the basics of how it works. Knowing the terminology used in this environment will help you to have a better understanding of this file exchange system, which is what it is all about. The same goes for learning how to choose the most convenient file.

If you are clear that you will be part of a swarm (swarm), you may be interested in getting as much information as possible about the step you are taking.

Apart from this, before making use of a web portal specialized in downloading free torrents, you must know that this is why the same malware dangers they are always at least latent. This makes it essential that you be aware of verifying the security of the site, since at the same time of suffering a virus attack, your PC may be exposed to being used in an unscrupulous way even for crypto mining without realizing it.

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