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VLC is one of the best window players I have come across, fully playing all major file formats. But despite this there are some formats that the beast cannot execute and one of them is the UNDF format. Many users face the problem when executing UNDF formats, so let's see how to fix VLC not supporting UNDF format.


What does the UNCDF file format mean?

The UNDF file format is, in fact, the undefined file format. It means that the player cannot set the format and cannot recognize it. Mainly, it is seen in the VLC player, when we try to run the file that is not absolutely downloaded and also in the absolutely downloaded files.

Why doesn't VLC give VLC not support UNDF format error?

The main reason why the VLC does not support the UNDF format error is the partial or incomplete download of the file, which we are trying to execute. The other reason may be a corrupted file and even due to some internal file problems. The lack of availability of the appropriate codes required to play the file in question is one of the reasons why the VLC is not able to play files. In spite of everything, there are some cases where, even though the file is correct in all respects, it faces the same problems, displaying the message "There is no suitable decoder module": VLC does not support the audio or video format "Undf".

How to fix VLC does not support UNDF format?

In a way, the Combined Community Codec Pack is a simple and very efficient codec pack, suitable for all types of users. It provides the full support of the audio and video file and offers the extremely easy solution to the problems related to the UNDF format. The other solution is that you can try the latest version of VLC Player, which usually rectifies the error shown in the previous versions. . So, before going for the Combo Community Codec Pack, our advice is to try the latest version of VLC Player.

Fix VLC does not support UNDF format

  1. First, install the latest version of VLC from here.
  2. Check if the VLC update fixes the problem if not then continue.
  3. Download the Combo Community Codec Pack from here.
  4. Install the Combo Community Codec Pack and run the file in VLC again.
  5. The UNDF file should be running in VLC correctly without any errors, if not, go to the next step.
  6. Right click on the file and select to open with MPC-HC and you will not get any errors.
  7. Enjoy playing your video without any errors.

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I hope your problem will be solved with this guide "How to fix VLC does not support UNDF format" but if you still have any questions about this guide feel free to ask in the comments section.