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How to extract images from Word Document 2020: Today I come across an important topic, I wanted to extract images from my Word document but couldn't because I didn't know how to do it and that's when I start looking for different ways to extract images from a Word document . And because of that, I was able to put together this sweet guide on different ways to extract images from a Microsoft Word file without using any third-party software.


Now let me tell you why I needed to extract images from the word file, today my friend sent me a word document containing 25-30 images that he was supposed to send me in a zip file but he totally forgot to add the images to the zip file. Instead, he deleted the images right after inserting them into the word document. Fortunately, I still have the word document and after searching the internet I was able to find easy ways to extract images from a word document without using any software.

The easiest way is to open the Word document, copy the image you intend to extract and paste into Microsoft Paint, and then save the image. But the problem with this approach is that extracting 30 images would take too long, so instead, we are going to see 3 easy ways to easily extract images from Word Document without using any software.

How to extract images from Word 2020 Document [GUIDE]

Make sure to create a restore point in case something goes wrong.

Method 1: Rename the .docx file to .zip

1. Make sure your word document is saved with the .docx width, if not, double click on the word file.


2.Click the File button on the toolbar and select Save As.


3. Select the location where you want to save this file and then in the "Save as type" drop-down select "Word Document (* .docx)" and click Save.


4. Next, right-click on this .docx file and select Rename.


5. Make sure to type .zip instead of .docx in the width of the file and then press Enter to rename the file.


Note: You may have to give permission by clicking yes to rename the file.


6. Again, right-click on the zip file and select "Extract Here".


7.Double-click the folder (with the same file name as the .docx document), and then navigate to word> media.


8.Inside the media folder, you will find all the images extracted from your Word document.


Method 2: Save the Word document as a web page

1.Open the Word document you want to extract all images from, then click the File button on the toolbar and select Save As.


2.Select where you want to save the file, then navigate to the desktop or document and from the "Save as type" drop-down select "Web Page (* .html; *. Html)" and click Save.


Note: If you want you can change the name of the file in «File name».

3.Navigate to the location where you save the previous web page and here you will see an .htm file and a folder with the same name.


4.Double click the folder to open it and here you will see all the images extracted from the Word document.


Method 3: Copy and Paste Method

Use this method when you only need to extract 2-4 images, otherwise this method would take too long if you need to extract more than 5 images.

1.Open your Word document and select the image you want to extract and then press Ctrl + C to copy the image to the clipboard.


2. Next, open Microsoft Paint and hit Ctrl + V to paste the clipboard box to paint.


3. Press Ctrl + S to save the image and navigate to where you want to save the file, then a new name for the file and click Save.


The problem is that the image you paste into the painting will be the same size as it appears in Word. And if you want the image to have a better resolution, you must first resize the image in the Word document itself and then paste the image into the painting.

The only question that came to mind was why the hell Microsoft didn't include this feature in Word itself. Anyway, those were the few methods by which you can easily extract images from a Word document without using any software. But if you don't mind using third-party tools, then you could easily extract images from Word using this free software called Office Image Extraction Wizard.


That is all you have successfully learned How to Extract Images from Word Document 2020, but if you still have any doubts regarding this tutorial, feel free to ask them in the comment section.