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Looking for a way to insert a degree symbol into MS Word? Well, look no further as in this guide we will discuss 4 different ways by which you can easily add the degree symbol.

MS Word is one of the most widely used Microsoft products. It is used to create various types of documents such as letters, worksheets, newsletters, and much more. It has several built-in features to help you add images, symbols, graphic fonts, and more to a document. We would all have used this product at some point in our life. If you are a regular user, you may have noticed that inserting a degree symbol in MS Word is not as simple as inserting any other symbol. Yes, most of the time people basically type "Degree" because they can't find any option to add the symbol. You wouldn't get the degree symbol shortcut on your keyboard. The degree symbol is used to denote temperature in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit and sometimes angles (example: 33 ° C and 80 ° angles).


Sometimes people copy the title symbol from the web and paste it into their text file. All these methods are available to you, but how about we can guide you to insert the degree symbol into the MS Word file directly from your keyboard. Yes, this tutorial will highlight the methods by which you can insert the symbol. Let's start acting!

4 ways to insert the degree symbol in Microsoft Word

Method 1: Symbols menu option

You could have used this option to insert multiple symbols into the Word file. However, you would not have noticed that the degree symbol is also present. MS Word has this built-in feature where you can find all kinds of symbols to add to your document. If you have never used this feature, don't worry, let's follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1- Click on the «Insert» tab, navigate to the Symbols option, located in the extreme right corner. Now click on it, you will have the option to see a Windows box containing different symbols. It is possible that in this box you will not find the symbol of your title that you want to add in your document.


Step 2 - Click on More Symbols, where you can find a complete list of symbols.


Step 3 - Now you must find out where the symbol of your title is. Once you locate that symbol, click on it. You can easily check if that symbol is the degree or something else, since you can check the description mentioned above in the "AutoCorrect" button.


Step 4 - You just have to move the cursor in your documents where you want to insert the degree symbol and insert it. Now whenever you want to insert the degree symbol, you can easily get it by clicking on the symbol feature where recently used symbols will be highlighted. This means you don't need to figure out the degree symbol over and over again, saving you time.

Method 2: Insert the degree symbol in MS Word by means of a keyboard shortcut

The shortcut itself denotes ease. Yes, the shortcut keys are the best way to do or activate something or launch it on our device. How about having shortcut keys to insert degree symbol into MS Word file? Yes, we have shortcut keys so you don't have to scroll down to the symbol lists and find the degree symbol to insert. Hopefully this method will help insert the symbol anywhere in the doc file, by pressing a key combination.

Note: This method will only work on devices loaded with numeric keypads. If your device does not have a numeric keypad, you cannot use this method. It has been observed that some manufacturers do not include numeric keypads in the latest versions due to space limitations and the fact that the device is light and thin.

Step 1 - Move the cursor where you want to place the degree sign.

Step 2 - Hold down the ALT key and use the numeric keypad to type "0176". Now release the key and the degree sign will appear in the file.


Make sure that when applying this method, Number Lock is turned on.

Method 3: Use the Grade Symbol Unicode

This is the easiest method that can be used by everyone to insert the degree symbol in Microsoft Word. In this method, you type the Unicode of the degree symbol and then press the Alt + X keys together. This will change the Unicode of the degree symbol instantly.

So the Unicode of the degree symbol is 00B0. Type this in MS Word, then press the Alt + X keys together and voila! Unicode will be instantly replaced by the degree symbol.


Note: Make sure to use a space when using it with other words or numbers, for example if you need 41 ° then don't use the code like 4100B0, instead add a space between 41 & 00B0 like 41 00B0 and then press Alt + X and then remove the space between the 41 and the degree symbol.

Method 4: Insert the degree symbol using the character map

This method will also help you do your job. Follow the steps below:

Step 1 - You can start typing "Character Map" in the Windows search bar and launch it.


Step 2 - Once the Character Map is launched, you can easily find various symbols and characters.

Step 3 - At the bottom of the Windows box, you will find the option "Advanced View", click on it. If it's already checked, leave it. The reason for enabling this feature is that you cannot scroll multiple times to find the degree sign among the hundreds of characters and symbols. With this method, you can easily search for the degree symbol in a moment.


Step 4 - You just have to type the degree sign in the search box, which will fill the degree sign and highlight it.


Step 5 - You need to double click on the degree sign and click on the copy option, now go back to your document where you want to insert it, and then paste it. At the same time, you can use the same procedure to insert any other signs and characters in your doc file.

That's it, you have successfully learned how to insert the degree symbol in Microsoft Word, but if you still have any questions regarding this article, feel free to ask in the comment section.