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Master in Project Management + Master in Team Management and Administration


The Master's Degree in Project Management + Master's Degree in Team Management and Administration aims to provide the indispensable tools for the administration and coordination of projects of all the work teams involved through the most innovative techniques of team coaching and leadership. The figure of the Project Manager and the administration of projects and programs are becoming increasingly important to propose effective business strategies.

You will develop the fundamental concepts of work teams: definition, relevance, team building, classification, underlying roles, advantages and disadvantages, phases of evolution, leadership, motivation, communication, delegation and meeting management through Coaching and NLP techniques. .

During your studies you will acquire the necessary knowledge to work and promote professional and personal development, leadership, leadership management or use the appropriate negotiation skills.

Choose to train at ENEB, one of the most relevant distance business schools in Europe that allows you to train at the best level, from anywhere and with the daily support of all teachers and tutors.


The Master in Project Management + Master in Administration and Team Management is designed to train managers who know how to lead, plan, organize and control complex and global projects effectively and efficiently. Professionals trained to lead work teams based on the development of managerial skills and techniques typical of managers. In short, project managers who know how to align the current needs of companies in project management, always within a management framework focused on the development of human capital.


The study plan of the Master in Project Management + Management and Team Management aims to provide the student with the following knowledge and skills:

  • Train expert project managers, who know how to obtain the proposed objectives, increase profitability and improve the overall quality of the project.
  • Develop management skills and techniques to manage human and material resources.
  • Learn about the PMP certification standards.
  • Align the current needs of companies in project management with the teaching of best market practices.
  • Know, choose and use correctly the essential tools for the budget management of a project.
  • Promote decision-making as a manager of complex projects, taking into account technical, economic, quality, and environmental aspects and exposure to the risks that surround it.
  • Leading groups of people in an organization and getting the most out of their work activities.
  • Obtain the necessary knowledge to work and promote professional and personal development, lead, manage leadership or use the appropriate negotiation skills.
  • Manage a work team and get the most out of each of its participants.
  • Learn the most advanced techniques of coaching and NLP to apply them to the work environment.
  • Lead the change in the management modality of professional teams according to the new needs of the company.
  • Know the successes of various institutions and apply them to other sectors in order to achieve the maximum possible results.
  • Create a culture of excellence in the role of leader, so that it fosters the growth of the people they lead and improves the management of them and their teams.
  • Increase the efficiency and productivity of work teams through motivation and empowerment.
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The Master in Project Management + Master in Management and Team Management prepares you to lead any work team as Project Director, Operations Director, Director of the Project Management Office (OGP), online Project Manager program, portfolio manager or project manager.


To enter the master's programs, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be in possession of a diploma, architecture, higher or technical engineering, bachelor's degree, diploma or other identical title.
  • Students pursuing university studies or equivalent higher studies.
  • Professionals with professional projection in the position held.
  • If you do not meet any of the above conditions, contact the school and the admissions department will evaluate your particular case.


At the end of your studies, you will get four diplomas issued by the European Business School of Barcelona, approved and certified by the Isabel I University:

  • Master in project management
  • Master in management and team management
  • Diploma of Specialization in Coaching and NLP
  • Business English Program Certificate

It should be remembered that the English course to obtain the certificate for the Business English program is optional and does not condition the master's degree in any way.

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