Introductory course to Blackhat by Josma - Our Opinion

In this opportunity we present the course on Black Hat from SEO consultant Josma. This course is very up to date so you will find the most effective techniques on Black Hat SEO. On the other hand, it does not have a level as advanced as Teamplatino de Chuiso, that is, that person who has never done SEO can follow it without any difficulty.

Black Hat course syllabus

In the Web of his course we can see the agenda in greater depth. Broadly speaking, we see that it covers the following topics:

  • Blackhat content
  • Linkbuilding
  • Usability
  • Means
  • Technical support

Course price

The published price is 199 euros, but attention, you will always find in the black's course website there is a discount code for 80%. At the time of writing this article, said code is APORELLAMBO. By entering this code the cost of the course remains at only 39.99 euros.

In addition to this, as you have seen, the course contains a section called "resources". This section contains discounts and promotions on memberships such as Teamplatino and plugins or services related to Black Hat, such as:

Unique discounts within the course such as:

  • Teamplatino: 30% Dto
  • Domain: 30% Dto
  • SEO Software: 25% Dto
  • Raiola Networks: 20% Disc
  • Enlazalia: 15% Disc
  • Publisuites: 15% Disc
  • Pressrank: 15% Disc
  • Linkapress: 10% Disc
  • Content for SEO: 10% Disc

Course at Hotmart

Josma's course is on Hotmart, the renowned online course platform. It has a very intuitive interface and it is possible to pay with Paypal, or, credit card

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Worth it?

Josma has created a YouTube channel where we can see his beta as an SEO consultant, and without a doubt his course provides value and specific knowledge for those who want to enter the world of BlackHat. Then for just 39,99 euros, we have access to benefits and discounts on hosting, memberships, link building and content. Only with this we will already be recovering the initial investment made. From our point of view, it is a course worth taking.

Do you want to buy the course? >>> Buy the BlackHat course at Hotmart 

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