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Text is one of the most widely used formats on the Internet today. Fortunately, there are different types of texts, with a style and structure, each useful to achieve specific objectives.

Therefore, knowing the characteristics of each type of text will help you to use them strategically and creatively to meet your goals; be it to persuade, sell, inform, educate or even answer questions.

This will be what will allow you to differentiate yourself from the rest. Upon knowing all its features, you can apply them almost automatically to your website, landing page or blog.

So, next I will show you the types of texts that exist so that you can master their structure, and be clear about the communication purpose of each one. 

What types of texts are there?

Even if you are only going to use two or three types of texts, because they are the ones that will really help you achieve your goal, it is good that you know all the types of textual content that exist. Maybe in the future you need to apply them on your blog or website 🙂

These are all the types of text out there:

  • Descriptive text.
  • Expositive text.
  • Cientific text.
  • Argumentative text.
  • Narrative text.
  • Literary text.
  • Advertising text.
  • Instructional text.
  • Historical text.
  • Legal text.
  • Digital text.
  • Newspaper text.

Practical case: If you have in mind to create a landing page, it is likely that you use a descriptive text to explain the characteristics of a product; a scientific text to give the text credibility and veracity; an advertising text that seduces the user to take the action you want; and an expository text, to show the product.

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Types of texts: Examples and characteristics

Next, I will stop at what types of texts there are, explaining their characteristics and purposes so that you can quickly identify when to apply it in your communication and marketing strategy.

Note: Another question that I imagine will arise is how to define the length of your texts, but as you already know it will depend on certain factors such as the target, the objective of the message or the theme.

Now we will see the types of texts that there are with some examples and their characteristics:

➽ Descriptive text

In this type of text, it is about listing characteristics, using direct and simple language so that the reader understands your proposal easily and quickly.

These are used a lot in online stores to talk about the characteristics of their products or to talk about the benefits that differentiate them from the competition. Sometimes these enumerations are displayed in the form of bullet points.

Descriptive text example: Pedro's cat is a large white cat with blue eyes. Her name is Neli and she is 11 years old. He is affectionate and loves to caress you when he wants to get your attention.

➽ Expository text

When you expose something, you don't go into analyzing anything, you simply show it and use a reference to give more credibility.

It is a truthful description of a relevant event. And they can report on a specific topic or on another in which prior research is needed.

Example expository text: Healthy homemade ice cream recipe

  • 3 tablespoons of natural white Greek yogurt are poured into three glasses.
  • Then 6 dates are crushed until a paste remains. It is poured into the glasses and everything is stirred.
  • Melt dark chocolate (85 %) in the microwave or put it in a double boiler and when it is ready, distribute it in each glass.
  • Add a few drops of vanilla essence.
  • Stir everything and put it in the freezer for 1-2 hours.

➽ Scientific text

Another text that gives some prestige is the scientific one, since they use statistics, numbers and reports, and sources are cited to demonstrate the veracity of what is said.

eye! In this type of text, the sources must be checked well, that they are 100% reliable, since the trust of the user is at stake.

Scientific text example (Wikipedia): The circulatory system is an internal transport system that living beings use to move nutrients, metabolites, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hormones, and other substances within their bodies. It exists in both vertebrates and most invertebrates ...

➽ Argumentative text

This is one that I use a lot when I do copy work for my clients. It is mostly used to persuade the reader. Through an argumentative text, you have to show the reader that he can solve his problem through that solution that you present.

This type of text is used a lot in copywriting, both for a blog article, for a landing or for a website when it comes to selling your services.

Example of an argumentative advertising text: Nezeni Cosmetics Antiage Cream. Antiage cream is the best anti-wrinkle treatment there is. It uses natural ingredients to hydrate the skin, diminish lines and reduce the depth of the most marked wrinkles by up to 67%.

➽ Narrative text

A text that talks about one of the reader's pain points through a story with a beginning, a middle and an end, will be able to empathize with the reader if it uses this technique called storytelling well.

The challenge is to create a protagonist (or several) in the story and that the reader feels identified with him from beginning to end. Many brands use storytelling in their newsletters to connect with the reader and guide them to visit a page or an article.

Narrative text example: Excerpt page About me

That's how I started and that's why I'm here ...
 After finishing my studies in ADE (business administration), and obtaining 2 postgraduate degrees in international trade and teaching, I decided to turn my career around and seek my freedom as a freelance.

My professional career began at the end of 2013 from Berlin, an international capital from which I made contact with different start-ups and discovered the world of online business…. 

➽ Literary text

Within this typology we would include stories, fables or poetry. They have a free style focused on the artistic, they are subjective and use figures of speech. They are meant to entertain.

Example of a literary text (micro-story - The world of Augusto Monterroso): God has not yet created the world; he is only imagining it, as between dreams. So the world is perfect, but confusing.

➽ Advertising text

Advertising copy is great for convincing the reader to buy a product or take the action you want. The purpose of the advertising copy is to make the customer see that they have a need and that this option is the best to satisfy it.

To master this type of text, you need copy professionals to lend you a hand, since it requires a series of precise techniques.

Example advertising text (Coca Cola): Uncover happiness.

➽ Instructional text

They are texts that have the purpose of educating and teaching you to do something. An example of this are the tutorials or guides that teach you step by step to solve any doubt about a program, a tool or anything else useful for the reader.

For these texts to be effective, the steps must be simple, clear, and easy to understand. For them, use the numbering and other symbols to explain each step.

Sample instructional text: Behavior rules on beaches

  • Deposit the garbage in the containers and bins.
  • Do not throw garbage into the sea.
  • Beach forbidden for dogs.

➽ Historical text

They are biographies, important and cultural celebrations, tributes and any historical event that marked the past and continue to do so in the present.

Historical text example (phone discovery - Wikipedia): Antonio Meucci (1808-1889) was the first inventor of the "telephone", later baptized as the "telephone." In 1854, Meucci built a device to connect his office (on the ground floor of his house) with his bedroom (located on the second floor), because his wife was immobilized by rheumatism….

➽ Legal text

They are texts framed in the judicial sphere. They use a technical, complex, formal language and stand out for their objectivity. These are contracts, legal documents, or articles on legal issues.

Legal text example: The Personal Data Protection law and guarantee of digital rights. You can see it complete in the BOE.

➽ Digital text

From instant messaging, posts for social networks, emails, chats, blog posts to the text of a web page, an ecommerce or an app, they are considered digital texts. They have in common that they spread easily and are produced quickly.

Digital text has become a practical resource for all those who have an online business and want to gain visibility and increase their income.

Digital text example: Transactional email


Thank you for making a purchase from our store! Your order will arrive in 3 days. You can track through this page.

Greetings and we hope to see you again soon!

➽ Newspaper text

They are informative and are based on the exposition of a fact to inform and tell the news. They use pleasant language so that they are understood by public opinion. And their structure is free and they don't tend to be too long.

Example of newspaper text (The country): Seoul closes museums and parks for two weeks amid a spike in infections. The South Korean health authorities have announced the re-implementation of some social distancing measures in the Seoul metropolitan area in the face of an upturn in infections. The Asian country has registered 79 new cases of Coronavirus in the last 24 hours ...


Knowing all types of texts, with examples and their particular characteristics, will help you identify which text best suits the strategy you are developing at that time on your blog or website. So I hope this post has been useful for you to start mastering them.

In addition, if you learn by heart what types of texts there are, you will know almost automatically when and how to apply them to be closer to your goals.

What types of texts have helped you get results ?; What other types of texts do you know?