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What are they and how to write them

Although Instagram is the social network for images, it does not mean that the text has no value in it. In fact, it does matter, and a lot, because it is the perfect complement to the images.

This is a debate that has been going on for years, as it is a platform where images and videos prevail. However, in recent years I have seen how many influencers and companies have worked on the copy captions of their publications on Instagram. And they have grown like foam!

Writing captions in Spanish for Instagram may be the icing on the cake, to give your publications greater visibility. And I say this with foundation, since the Instagram algorithm gives more visibility to those accounts that generate more engagement in their publications and where users spend more time.

What is a caption or copy caption on Instagram?

Many of you will wonder what a caption on Instagram is, so before giving you some tips to improve your texts for Instagram, I am going to dwell on this concept.

A caption or copy caption on Instagram is nothing more than a description that accompanies the image or video.

It can be a sentence or several paragraphs that help to understand the photo, tell a story related to the image, inspire followers or open a dialogue.

Important: According to the latest changes in the Instagram algorithm, the more interactions you generate with your publications and the more time users spend on them, the more visibility you will achieve on this social network.

Therefore, a powerful caption that causes some emotion or feeling to your followers will be key to optimizing your strategy on Instagram

How to create captions in Spanish for Instagram

When creating a caption in Spanish for your Instagram account, if you want to encourage the participation of your community and keep it active, keep in mind the following tips, ideas and examples.

I'm sure they'll help inspire you when you get to work on copying your captions for photos on Instagram ;-).

➽ Tips to create a copy caption on Instagram

One of the most important things when creating a copy caption in Spanish for Instagram is knowing what audience you are targeting. In this way, you will know their tastes, their concerns and if they will be able to understand that publication or if you need to contextualize your captions more.

In addition to knowing your audience, here are other things to consider when creating your copy captions:

  • Determine the tone of your brand and keep it in time.
  • Tell your followers what you want them to know about your brand.
  • Do several tests to see what length of texts works best.
  • Use storytelling to generate empathy and connect with your community.
  • Don't sell anything, just offer valuable content to build loyalty.

➽ Caption ideas for photos on Instagram

Here are some ideas that I have applied myself in the captions for photos on my Instagram account and that have helped me generate engagement:

  • Put the most important thing in the first sentence (subtitle) because it is what will appear in the users' feed.
  • Use emojis related to the topic in question in the subtitle and in the remaining paragraphs to give a fresh air and give it a personal touch.
  • Mention others with whom you collaborate, so they will share it in their feed and in their stories.
  • Include hashtags in line with your business (the most searched, innovative or those created by you), to gain more followers and reinforce your image.
  • Ask direct questions and make your followers feel that their opinion matters.
  • Send users to the link of your bio to expand information on the subject and visit your blog.
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➽ Examples of captions for photos on Instagram

To finish, I want to show you some caption examples for photos on Instagram to inspire you when creating your own copy captions.

1. Carlos Ríos

The nutritionist and creator of the Realfooding movement in Spain has used Instagram with the aim of raising awareness and educating society about the benefits of real food and the disadvantages of ultra-processed foods.

In his copy we usually see long captions, as if they were post entries, where he contributes his vision as an expert, gives tips and contrasts with scientific sources.


2. Nestlé Chocolate

This is an example of an Instagram account to generate engagement. Use the giveaways and challenges on Instagram to gain visibility and keep your community active.


3. Starbucks

The text here is a perfect complement to the image. It uses a call to action, a hashtag of its own and tells you to visit the bio to find out which stores are already open.


4. Nike

A short text that does not need more words because the image says it all. But it is true that without the text, it would not be given the importance that that day has. Another detail that I like is that it leaves a call to action for you to follow the official Nike account on Instagram.



Captions for photos on Instagram are an ideal complement for both images and videos. If you apply all these copy tips, your posts will start to generate more engagement and you will notice a change in no time.

At first it is normal that you have a hard time breaking the ice with a powerful caption that hooks your users. So get inspired and get ideas from those for whom it is working. Here I only show you some of them, on Instagram you can find much more.

Do you work on the copy caption in your Instagram posts? What idea has inspired you to create more powerful captions?

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