What is it and how to create one to attract potential customers

An effective strategy linked to content marketing is the use of the lead magnet. For the simple reason that it is the least intrusive way to get relevant data from your visitors.

I already know how difficult it is for those who have a blog or a website to get visitors to leave their data and become leads, and later customers. But let me tell you that if you know your buyer persona, the way to create a lead magnet it will be much easier for you.

So in this post I am going to help you understand well what it is and how to create a lead magnet. In addition, I will give you examples of lead magnet formats that work very well and some tips so that you can design them professionally.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is free, quality content that brands offer on their website or blog, in exchange for a visitor's contact information.

The content of this lead magnet must have a hook and must be of great value to the user. Thus, in return, the user will give you their contact email; an important piece of information for the creation of your database.

But of course, if the brand is not clear who its audience or target audience is, this strategy will not make sense. Well, users will not show interest in that lead magnet and they will not give anything in return.

How to create a Lead Magnet

Now that you know what a lead magnet is, before you start to create one, you should take into account some questions related to the content that we are going to offer (that is related to your brand), the interest of users or the layout of the format.

Let's go step by step:

➽ Tips for making a Lead Magnet

When making a lead magnet, keep these tips in mind:

  • The lead magnet should be directed to your target: Even if you have several ideal customer profiles, you should focus on one.
  • Be specific and try to resolve any doubts: You must solve some problem of your audience to arouse interest.
  • Choose the appropriate format according to your audience: Depending on the taste of your target, you can choose one format or another. It can be an image, an infographic, a video, a template, an article, a podcast or a presentation to show your valuable content.
  • Includes valuable content: This entails a research work on the chosen topic. So show your audience that you have mastered it. So your lead will want to keep in contact with you.
  • Do not have spelling mistakes and write good content: You won't make a good impression if you make big mistakes and it can detract from your brand's credibility.
  • Design also matters: Both the content and the form. To motivate the user to click, the cover must be attractive to him. Also, the design has to be in line with your brand identity. Below we will see what tools you have at your fingertips ;-).

➽ Checklist to make a Lead Magnet

After these tips, I want to share with you a checklist for a lead magnet. That is, a list of tasks to keep track of the step by step that you must take throughout the creative process to create this type of content.

The good thing about the checklists is that once you have finished with one of the tasks, you can mark with a ☑√

the user will mark it with a tick (as a completed task) and will continue with the next one.

This format is very popular with users because it serves as a reminder not to forget any important step, and it even manages to retain them in their memory by applying them over and over again.

Checklist to create a Lead Magnet:

Conduct market research, study competition and user demand.

After analyzing user needs, try to solve a specific problem.

Choose the most suitable content format to present the information in a simple way.

Model your raw content with a beautiful design, either with universal tools such as PPT or Excel, or even in PDF if it is non-editable illustrative content.

Place it on a strategic site on your blog, website or social networks (for example, within a post, as a pop-up when the user is about to enter your site, or in a clickable link in your profiles).

Have a sequence of automated emails prepared to start a conversation with your lead.

Do not forget that using the appropriate tools for the creation and dissemination of lead magnets is vital if you want to achieve a professional result aligned with your brand.

➽ Tools to create a Lead Magnet

Here are some of my favorite online tools for creating lead magnets ready for broadcast on networks:

  • Visme: With this design tool you can make attractive creations from its editable pre-designed templates. Its free version is fine if you're just starting out, but when you try the paid version, you won't want to stop using it!
  • Sumo: It is a free tool although with limitations. You have the paid version if you need to use more advanced functions, although the free version offers different templates for forms that you can customize to your liking. Ideal for creating buttons and pop-ups.
  • Thrive leads: It is a very complete payment tool, which presents a wide variety of form templates to adapt them to your brand style and capture leads.
  • Bloom: It is a paid WordPress plugin, of Elegant Themes, with which you can create subscription boxes with the help of templates that you can customize. In addition, you can choose different formats: pop-ups, inline or flyin, among others.
  • Social Share & Locker Pro: This WordPress plugin offers content to the user in exchange for an email or social action (sharing via networks).
  • Optinmonster: It serves to offer downloadable content in exchange for the user subscribing.

Lead Magnet Examples

The truth is that there are many other formats that serve as good examples of leag magnets to capture qualified leads. Remember that the content must be irresistible for the user, since the Internet is full of sites that offer something free to get their data in return.

Therefore, your challenge will be to awaken curiosity with highly engaging content, so that they do not leave your site without leaving their data. These are some ideas and examples to make a lead magnet:

  • Webinar: You can add value to a subject that you master and it can be free or at a low price. This format is spread by many on Facebook. The duration of a webinar is usually around 45 minutes on average.
  • Ebook: You can put this as a pop-up so that the user is the first thing they come across when entering your website. Be careful with this technique because it is somewhat invasive and can be a reason for it to leave. You can also offer your ebook within a post with related content.
  • Masterclass: You can create an article on your blog, related to a product that you want to sell. Then you can create a free masterclass on that topic and place a form within the post. It is a way to get qualified leads.
  • Training: It is used mainly to sell info products. You can launch a training to offer valuable information during a time limit.
  • Editable template: They are a very useful editable resource, which the users themselves can customize and apply to your business. For example, the social media calendar template that we designed at Esfera Creativa.
  • Courses: Offer a mini course on one of the topics of your business. In the call to action he highlights that it is free so as not to create confusion.
  • Tests: Those businesses that sell software, it is recommended that they offer a free trial for users to assess if it is what they need before buying anything. These trials are also used by businesses related to sports and the beauty sector.
  • Coupons: Widely used by ecommerces to get new customers. These types of coupons usually offer a 10 % discount if you subscribe to their newsletter. We see this on a daily basis in online clothing stores.
  • Consultancy: One way to attract new clients is to offer users who do not know you a free consultation to solve a specific question. We can see this in businesses about digital marketing, seo, medicine, nutrition or law.
  • Giveaways: Giveaways on Instagram are another attractive lead magnet for users. Who doesn't like to win an award? And it can be applied to any business sector.


In summary, knowing what a lead magnet is and how to make one is important to execute a good content marketing strategy; the same that will accelerate the processes to get new customers and sales.

Everything that is free or contains the word 'gift' is something that the user values very much. In this way, they are happy with the valuable content that you have offered them and, on the other hand, you complete your database with potential customers who are really interested in your products or services.

We hope these lead magnet examples inspire you like me to create the ones that best fit your business 😉

What type of format is essential for you to capture potential leads?

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