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14 ERP Providers Your Company Will Hit Right With

There are currently a multitude of ERP providers on the market. Selecting the ideal partner can make the difference between a stagnant business and one that takes advantage of resources and increases profits. Companies that decide to implement an ERP with the support of a good supplier, see how their processes are streamlined and productivity increases in more than 75% of cases. At this point, if you are clear that the time has come to have a ERP software In your business, you only have to know the ERP Companies that can give you the product and the support you are looking for.

With a ERP software you will be able to manage all aspects of the business from a single application. From customer engagement, the supply chain to the workforce.

Each software has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages that make all of them can be adjusted to different business purposes. But they share the goal of accelerating and making the most of processes, resources, and response times. Do you know the different ERP providers? If your answer is negative, we will try to help you below.

14 ERP Providers for Your Business

1. Sage

The first option on the list focuses on the ERP Sage 200cloud. It is a cloud-based software oriented to SMEs. Businesses that rely on his services benefit from the program's easy scalability and friendly interface. Even though it should be noted, that like any other of the ERP programs, you have to invest time in learning how to manage it.

Sage is not just one of the ERP companies that we cite in this post, but at the same time it has a huge number of tools that are adapted to the needs and problems of each particular business. In addition, it includes multiple modules that cover functions such as contact management or marketing actions, accounting, cost analysis, manufacturing planning and much more.

Sage's initiative as one of our ERP providers is Sage200cloud And it undoubtedly represents a complete business scheme that does not neglect any aspect. And the best thing is that it has constant updates.

Sheet: Sage

2. ECount INC.

Another ERP company is Ecount INC with its Ecount ERP product whose platform is also integrated in the Cloud. It is a very complete program, already used by more than 30,000 companies around the world. By being part of any business, you are at the service to make the most of the internal and external processes of any corporation.

The highlight of ECount ERP is that all workers alike can enter its platform through a single account and without generating costs or complications. If you wonder what its functions are, you should know that it covers sales, accounting, production, purchasing and inventory. There is no detail that this simple program cannot handle.

At the same time, is one of the simplest ERP programs to manage, since its interface makes it possible to enter different functions in the fewest possible clicks.

More information: EcountERP

3. FinancialForce (SalesForce)

Yes, you've surely heard of Salesforce. This company markets one of the best-selling CRM systems in the world. But at the same time it is also one of the ERP providers through their FinancialForce Software. It is an ERP software with which you can manage each and every one of the procedures involved in the corporation.

FinancialForce stores a database in the Cloud, which can be really useful so that you can access your company's data and active processes from anywhere and at any time. Besides, through its platform you can manage tasks related to accounting, human resources, inventory, services and more.

You can also receive a detailed report on the performance of each of the company's departments. Apart from the support with graphs and metrics that let you see clearly what can be improved to continue growing exponentially. FinancialForce is an ERP program that you can get a lot out of.

Sheet: SalesForce

4. Oracle

No presentation required, it's Oracle. Not only one of the most popular ERP companies today, having in its portfolio the second most used program by executives of medium and large companies. In addition, Oracle goes further beyond through other products aimed at improving business administration in all aspects.

Oracle ERP Cloud It is an effective solution for companies, especially those that are large and do not mind making an investment in a robust and reliable system.

With Oracle it is not only feasible to obtain reports on the current behavior of the different areas, but it is also capable of producing predictive analyzes that allow observing the forecasts under any circumstance. In addition, it is possible to take care of making the most of the functions related to payroll, accounting, warehouse stock, dealing with customers and suppliers and even future planning of the entire organization chart.

Oracle ERP

There is nothing that cannot be done with Oracle. Hence, one of the ERP providers of reference is on its own merit. If you are thinking of migrating to an efficient ERP that helps you promote the profitability and growth of your company, the main recommendation that you will receive from experts and those who are not, is to enter Oracle.

Sheet: Oracle ERP Cloud

5. Infor

Those who have already tried the functionalities of Infor, promise that it is a modern and efficient ERP software to carry the administration of any business. According to their WebMore than 90,000 companies are already benefiting worldwide from its management capacity and its technological initiative.

Regardless of your business sector, Infor is one of the ERP companies offering a specialized service aimed at maximizing business investment, managing human capital, managing the production chain and many other functions associated with the different areas front and back office of any industrial or commercial establishment.

It should be noted that the added value of Infor as an ERP program is that has a specialized technical team that can be in charge of analyzing and interpreting the data of a company, to issue an objective observation that helps entrepreneurs to continue growing.

Infor deserves to be on this list of ERP vendors for helping you make business decisions that help make a positive business impact. Recommended!

More information: Infor ERP

6. Odoo

Odoo manages one of the best known Open Source Software, but at the same time as a company it has a great projection in the corporate market. We are facing a software that integrates several apps to boost business and industrial management experience. Besides, its interface makes it one of the few programs with framework friendly and very simple to use.

Through its functionalities Odoo allows to increase sales considerably by streamlining the buying and selling process, strengthening the relationship with customers thanks to its CRM, planning projects, establishing strategic alliances, keeping an inventory record, reinforcing marketing strategies and a long etcetera.

However, we must emphasize that Odoo's value initiative lies in its system open source (open source) enables computer programmers or whoever wants to venture because they have the necessary knowledge, to develop applications that customize the system. That other ERP software has this function?

Over 2 million business profiles have chosen Odoo over other ERP companies. The objective, to promote visible and positive results in a company.

Sheet: Odoo

7. Syspro

Syspro appears as a magnificent alternative among the different ERP providers. And it is that its program encompasses functions such as the administration of the production, distribution and storage of the products of a company. But this is just a glimpse of what can truly be done through its platform. Many businesses in the food, insurance, industrial machinery and electronics sectors often select their program to manage their organization.

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The only drawback that some see Syspro is that this is capable of managing any business area, except human resources. It lacks the function to control the payroll of any business. Despite this, it compensates for this gap by providing an accurate measurement of finances, operations, cost and budget management and everything you can imagine.

In addition, Syspro as an ERP company has a solid resource planning platform for small, medium and large companies. And its interface is intuitive, understandable and really easy to use for anyone who has little knowledge of these types of tools. Which further increases the value of your initiative.

More information: Syspro

8. Epicor

Now, if what you are looking for is the positioning of your company through perfect business administration, Epicor is one of the ERP providers that adjust to your needs and fulfill that purpose. It is an ERP program whose work guarantees obtaining solutions that drive business growth.

But what features does Epicor really include? Thanks to its digital structure, you will be able to see first-hand and in a compressible way data that may otherwise seem incomprehensible. At the same time, you will be able to plan and execute projects, avoid worker non-compliance, optimize production, increase and control sales, obtain budget information, reduce work downtime and even supply the supply chain adequately.

To monitor the performance of your company, lean on ERP companies like Epicor. You will be able to quickly analyze the numbers and make conscious decisions that ensure the profitability of the organization in the long term. Medicine, automobiles, construction, furniture, metalworking and defense, are some of the sectors that rely on Epicor resources.

If you are still not sure how to promote your company, just use the ERP program from Epicor. Soon you will see the progress made at the business level thanks to its advantages.

More information: Epicor

9. Netsuite

In case you did not know, Netsuite belongs to the Oracle family and integrates CRM, ERP, eCommerce tools, etc.. There are already more than 40,000 companies that have opted for the Netsuite offer after studying the different ERP providers that operate in the market.

Netsuite enables managers and executives at the head of institutions and companies in different sectors to respond quickly to the different possibilities that arise in the market. And it is that Netsuite manages tasks related to production, supply support, warehouse management and financial control.

Regarding the added value of the Netsuite initiative, it is that all its components are oriented to the fulfillment and optimization of the activities of the areas front and back office. And is that through recurring reports you can receive the current status of each area of the company and address possible incidents on time. How about?

And like most ERP software, Netsuite is backed by the Cloud. To this end, entrepreneurs can have data, reports, charts and graphs of business performance in seconds. From a computer or mobile device and at all times. The testimony of the users is a point in favor of this provider.

More information: Netsuite


Many of the biggest and best known brands around the globe They only work with one of the ERP companies, and that is SAP. It is a program developed by the German company, which incorporates a wide number of functions focused on the management of different business resources. And due to its efficiency and practicality, it has positioned itself in the international market as one of the best software in its category.

One of the main advantages is that the company that uses your program can subscribe to a periodic update to its latest available version. What makes it possible to enjoy new and renewed functions focused on managing any organizational aspect. SAP also has an excellent technical team, which can explain doubts and monitor the performance of the virtual platform.

Otherwise, we are talking about one of the most complete ERP programs on the market, which is mainly of great advantage for medium and large companies due to its very wide scope. And it is worth mentioning that its license is also very expensive, for this reason it is inaccessible for businesses that begin their adventure.

From materials management, quality control, accounting, financial statements, payroll, and contracting, everything can be fully managed with SAP. If you are in command of a large corporation, SAP is one of the leaders among ERP vendors.

Product Sheet: SAP ERP

11. Acumatica ERP

Acumatica's initiative is a cloud-backed platform that provides an adaptable solution for all types of companies. With its ERP software it is possible to view data in a friendly way and accelerate the internal processes associated with a corporation.

Among the main functions of Acumatica, it stands out the monitoring of warehouse management, cash flow, implementation of modern tools in the production chain and encompasses other organizational aspects.

What's more stands out among ERP companies for offering solutions to relatively small businesses. Before you want to check the link for the product, we warn you that the website is in English even though the program can be translated into Spanish.

More information: Acumatica

12. Microsoft Dynamics

Once and for all it is feasible to unify the main functions of a business, under the same space: Microsoft Dynamics. The popularity of this program is due to the fact that it is one of the most effective Microsoft products at the moment. What can be achieved with it? A lot of! From increasing financial performance, making the most of available resources to reducing response times and determining a schedule.

Microsoft already has a very good status among ERP providers, among other reasons due to the fact that it has 24/7 live assistance to solve any problem with its tools. And it simplifies the adaptation of different scales to analyze the performance of the company at a general level.

If you are looking for an ERP with a company behind you that inspires confidence, try Dynamics to learn about your value initiative.

Sheet: Microsoft Dynamics

13. Openbravo

Today, Openbravo has earned its own space among ERP companies available. It is a solution aimed at all types of companies and businesses. Its structure is located in the Cloud and from there anyone with enabled permissions can access important information when needed.

Its tools can foster improved customer engagement, coordinate the supply and production chain, provide general reports for each area, and much more. The answer is not to file papers or take accounts on a calculator, but effective business management means much more and Openbravo as an ERP provider offers an answer.

Another advantage of Openbravo is that its system is open source, so its flexibility for each purpose is guaranteed. Its functions can be expanded by means of new resources that achieve success in each task. Testimonials from stores and retail managers reflect that the ERP software Openbravo helped them grow.

More information: Openbravo

14. Dolibarr

Dolibarr is the combination of a ERP software, CRM and other applications that result in a solid platform for the efficient administration of SMEs. Yes, in addition, entrepreneurs and freelancers can now take advantage of the benefits of having a computer program that helps them promote their business project.

Dolibarr can be installed locally (absolutely free as it is an Open Source solution) or in the cloud. If you want help with the installation, Dolibarr has a personal installation and configuration service performed by its accredited partners.

dolibarr_erp-2398711Dolibarr ERP

With Dolibarr it is possible to close bank reconciliations, manage stock, coordinate shipments, determine marketing strategies, keep an updated agenda, work on billing and even manage bank accounts. Dolibarr is one of the ERP companies to pay attention if you don't want to make large outlays.

Sheet: Dolibarr

There are ERP programs for all types of companies. It is enough to know the initiative of the ERP providers to make the right decision.

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