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▷ Odoo ERP and CRM: features, prices and advantages

What is Odoo?

Odoo It is not just a standard management platform, but bundles sales and project management in a single tooland enriches them with a range of manufacturing resource planning (MRP), point-of-sale and e-commerce functions to offer a universal solution that can help companies manage all types of operations. At the same time, the system is at the forefront by integrating every sales channel you can think of, which, combined with its powerful inventory management, makes it the best business management solution to be found on the market today.

At the same time, Odoo ERP is cloud-basedand offers a no-cost basic plan with one app for an unlimited number of users (even though it's not recommended for more than 50). Switching to a paid plan is easy and covers all the applications you may need. Its solid technical base is a guarantee of ease of use. The system integrates around 300 new applications each month that allow it to adapt to the specific needs of each company. For this reason and many others Odoo now has over 2,000,000 users, is available in 23 languages and in practically all countries.

Advantages of Odoo

Have you ever missed a meeting or forgot a task due to items being saved in different applications? Maybe you couldn't find a contact's details because you had them in Evernote, not your CRM.

Odoo's ERP program solves all of these problems. It is not a single application, but a compilation of commercial tools to manage your projects, sales, web, etc. There is an Odoo app for almost everything. Yes if something is not supported, Odoo Studio can help you build the application you require.

The operation of the applications is very easy, they only respond to specific characteristics to develop a certain function. Odoo CRMAs an example, it focuses solely on operations. Contacts are managed in the Contacts application by default, events are included in the normal calendar, and tasks are performed in the project management application. Put them all together and you will have a compilation of tools similar to what you would have in another CRM, only that here they are distributed in individual applications.

The advantage is that once you have used one Odoo application, you will probably find the rest extremely easy to use. They all share a similar interface, fed by the same database that allows you to edit information about your projects, contacts, clients, invoices, etc. You can organize this data in lists, Kanban boards, calendars, etc.

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Odoo ERP contacts, calendar and chat are interdependent. Set up your company information, for example, in the Contacts app, and it will appear in all other Odoo apps. Add an appointment in Odoo CRM or schedule an event for a task in the project manager, both will be displayed in the calendar and a reminder will appear in the notification menu, if applicable. And if you need to ask your team a question, you have a chat that works across all Odoo apps.

Odoo also works wherever you want. The easiest way to use Odoo ERP is through the Internet with the service they offer in the cloud.. You will pay a fee per user, plus an additional monthly fee for each application that you activate, and your workers will be able to use Odoo in their browsers or from mobile applications. Do you just need a CRM and a project management system? You can pay just for them and then add more applications as your business needs grow. Or you can install Odoo ERP on your own servers, either with the free community edition or with a paid edition and with a support service, to receive updates and help when you need it.

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Definition of ERP

Odoo Features

  • Manage your entire business with a single tool
  • Add applications according to your needs: website builder, e-commerce system, Odoo CRM, point of sale system, accounting tool, billing, project management, inventory, help desk, human resources, etc.
  • Link contacts, calendar, chat and settings from all applications.
  • Create custom applications with Odoo Studio
  • Applications for IOS and Android available, at the same time of a self-hosted edition to run Odoo on your Windows or Linux servers.

Alternatives to Odoo ERP

Odoo pricing

  • Free with 1 app for an unlimited number of users
  • Odoo Free Community running on your own Windows or Linux servers if you don't need help.
  • Edition for companies: € 18 per month and per user, plus the monthly fee for each chosen application (from € 8 per month).

You can simulate the full monthly fee based on the applications you will need on your Official site.

In case you need an ERP distributor authorized by Odoo to carry out the implementation, please contact them for prices.

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