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▷ ERP in Marketing and Sales Take advantage of the possibilities of your module!

Today, ERP systems They are one of the main sources of data to design strategies and actions. These are made by Marketing and sales (mainly in terms of prices and customer service). Successful planning is based on the use of software modules. If you are still not clear on the definition of ERP, we suggest you read our post: What is an ERP.

Relevance of marketing and sales modules in ERP systems

Every company wants to have the best sales and marketing team to be competitive in the market. TO ERP marketing and sales module This will help any company stay competitive and get the most out of its sales and marketing activities.

The marketing and sales module of an ERP develops the most important actions for the existence of an organization. Its functions include:

  • Potential customer segmentation
  • Campaign development
  • Interaction in queries
  • Processing order
  • Shipping and billing to close the sales cycle.

Along with all these features, the sales module also takes care of providing analysis reports. The extracted reports will serve as a guide for decision-making and strategic planning.

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The marketing and sales module of an ERP records all the data of the first contact with the potential customer. These actions are called pre-sale activities.

Automation of the company's sales force functions, such as customer visits, expenses, competitor evaluation, is feasible with the ERP sales and marketing module.

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Another important aspect of the Sales and Marketing module is that it enables management to monitor the goals achieved by its workers according to the schedule that has been established.

A good sales and marketing module also includes functions to track lost orders and identify the reasons for the loss. Business partners and franchises are a common phenomenon today. The latest ERP software connects marketers with assigned business partners and franchises and enables them to monitor and control their performance.

The sales module and Marketing ERP It will enable you to prepare reports to track sales trends over different time periods, analyze consolidated data, forecast sales, and provide information on company sales and marketing activities.

A good ERP sales and marketing module is an essential feature of ERP software.

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