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Work from home: 19 ideas to start today!

Until a few years ago, working from home was almost a myth, few people managed to do it. Thanks to the Internet, this has changed. Now it is not only feasible to have a job that you can manage from your own home, but you can also make it your way of life. Some people have even managed to work from anywhere in the world with Internet access.

More and more people can say: I work from home !! 🙋🏽

If you are reading this post it is certainly because at some point you have thought about developing an activity from home to earn money and that allows you to supplement your monthly salary. Or better yet, you have thought about dedicating yourself full time to what you like and making a living like this… If that's your case, you've come to the right place… keep reading and discover how to do it!

In this post I would like to share with you some ideas you can work with from home anytime. I hope that one of them can inspire you to start without waiting any longer.

At the same time I have compiled a list of websites in Spanish where you can find these offers and offer your services as a freelancer. If you have knowledge of English, you will also be interested in some websites in this language that I have added to the end of the list. 😉

In this post you will find:

But who can develop a job from home?

Truly anyone can work from home. Either through teleworking or because it develops an activity and / or a service and does not require traveling.

Apparently, in the first case, teleworking will depend on your profession and the company where you work and whether or not it allows you to do it.

But I would like to talk to you about how you can develop an activity that does not depend on your geographical location And that you do it independently, autonomously and that you are the one who organizes and manages it according to your availability.

Yes of course, it is doable, and you can do it part-time or full-time.

Finally, there is no requirement stated in any manual that is the key to being successful when doing work from home. Whatever the case, your attitude, your skills and abilities will help you achieve your goal. As an example, your ability to organize time and prioritize is very important here.

Advice: Keep in mind that if your part-time activity becomes a full-time activity and your way of life, you must register as a freelancer, because at the same time many websites and / or clients will ask you for invoices.

19 Ideas to start a work from home

Here are 19 ideas that you can start working with from home without investing large amounts of money or not at all.

Apparently, they are just ideas that I share, then you can adapt them to you, improve them or combine them. 🙂

# 1 Web Designer

Perhaps you think that many websites and especially most blogs use WordPress or other tools for their designs and that web designers are no longer necessary. But let me tell you, you are wrong.

Not everything is in WordPress, in reality, many companies want custom designs that adapt to their needs.

The objective of companies is to maximize their sales, and this is achieved by improving the browsing experience of their users. For this, web designers are so important.

Work from home - web design

A web designer can carry out projects for companies or individuals

This idea of work from home is intended for professionals, since you need to have technical knowledge such as: Adobe Photoshop, JAVA, PHP, HTML, WORDPRESS, CSS, which are the most demanded. At the same time, you must dedicate time to personalize services according to the needs of your clients and the area to which they are dedicated.

Think that while offering the design of a website, you can also do its subsequent re-design or updating and maintenance, you have several ways to increase your income.

# 2 Graphic Designer

This profession can be combined with that of web designer, even though I have wanted to put it separately because a graphic designer can perform other tasks.

Earning income as a graphic designer

Combine web design with graphic design

A graphic designer is concerned with conveying messages and ideas through images and creative designs, in order to attract people's attention. That is why they are so important for companies, because they are in charge of communicating their message visually.

The most common tasks can be the creation of designs for books, magazines, posters, brochures, corporate logo design, catalogs, personalized cards, etc ... Not forgetting the design of banners.

In short, you can develop different tasks as creative skills you have, and you can do this work from home, or from anywhere 😉

To be a graphic designer you need to be creative, detailed and organized. At the same time, specialized training in this area.

This profession offers many possibilities and more and more. If this interests you, look for the appropriate training and stand out among the others with a quality work. Let your work speak for you.

# 3 Community Manager

Another job that you can do from home and that has to do with new technologies is being a Community Manager. This means being the intermediary between the brand you represent and the Internet users from all over the world present through social networks.

Community manager a job from anywhere

Community Manager, an increasingly demanded profession

This profession is relatively new, but with many possibilities. Of course, you need to have specialized training to properly perform your tasks.

You will certainly find your customers from the beginning of your activity. If right now you go to an employment portal and look for community manager offers, you will see that there are several possibilities for both company jobs and work from home.

# 4 App Developer

Another of the most demanded careers in recent years: Mobile application developer, with great expectations for the future for both Android and iOS.

Develop applications and work from home

Develop applications, develop solutions 😉

Of course, here you also need to have training, and if you manage to develop an app that is successful, you may even get several hundred euros. Seriously? Of course, I give you some examples:

  • Jan Koum: His name may not tell you anything. But if I tell you that this Ukrainian living in the United States, together with Brian Acton, is the co-founder WhatsApp. You certainly know and use this app, right? Jan became a millionaire because of it, when Facebook paid more than $ 19 billion for the app.
  • Nick D'Aloisio: Creator of Summly, an app that helped solve school assignments. The idea was to summarize a text in a few key phrases and words. Nick was only 17 when he did it !! It was Yahoo who bought the app for $ 30 million, not bad, right?

These are some examples, to give you an idea. But surely you know others and new ones will emerge.

By the way ... if you are not interested in mobile applications, avoid worrying: software development is still in fashion. Manuel from MSD Soft is a good example of how to make money selling your own software.

# 5 Create a blog

Perhaps you have already thought about this or have read it on other sites. Creating a blog is a way to develop a work from home and increasingly common.

Contrary to what you may think, you don't need to be a computer expert to create your own blog. There are tools that help you and some are free. As an example WordPress, which has templates so you can get started in just a few steps.

 Create a blog in a few steps

I work from home on my blog 🙂

Having a blog not only enables you to write about a topic that you like, that you know or that interests you, but you can also generate income in different ways:

  • Place ads on your blog, for example using Google AdSense. This is because every time someone clicks on that ad, you take money. This is the PPC (Pay Per Click) method, what they will pay you is variable and depends on what your niche is.
  • Recommend some products or services from other websites. So when there is a sale, you will receive a commission for it, in percentage or fixed amount.
  • Market services or your own products. By collecting the information that you offer through your blog, you can create and market a guide, a manual or give some training to your readers. You can at the same time offer additional services as a consultant or advisor.

Finally, you can get many advantages out of your own blog. Here you can read the post where I tell you more.

If you are interested in knowing how I took my first steps to create a blog, I suggest the Citizen2.0 blog, I leave you the link How To Create A Blog That Works - Complete End-to-End Guide. It is a very complete and clear guide.

# 6 Write content for blogs

Even if you do not believe it and it occurs to you that you are not capable, making money writing posts for different blogs is suitable for everyone, and yes, it can also become your work from home. You don't need any particular training, but if you have to be willing to ... to writeObviously, it is the objective of this work.

Create content for others from your home

Write content for others

This idea is very simple. You must find inspiration, write clearly and without spelling mistakes, that's it!

Well, it is true that writing correctly is not enough. You must write good texts, in terms of content marketing. But once you learn the first few texts, the next ones will be very simple.

At the same time, you have many alternatives to find work, because many blogs or websites are constantly looking for writers to expand their content.

# 7 Translate texts like work from home

If you know a language, at the same time as your mother tongue, of course, you can try working from home as a text translator.

I work from home as a translator

Que? Quoi? Welcher?…. That?

It is not necessary to be bilingual, you can help yourself with translation tools or dictionaries. You can organize your time, choose the jobs you accept and which clients you accept, at the same time on the topic that you like or are interested in the most. Finally, in the same way as other ways of working from home, here you will find many advantages.

Companies or professionals send you the documents by email, which makes it possible for you to work from home or from anywhere else.

On the Internet there are several platforms, where you can register to do translations, we will see some later.

# 8 Correct texts

This service can be offered to writers and publishers to review their books before they are published, or to professionals of another language who need proofreading in your mother tongue (not translation but proofreading).

For this you do not need any special knowledge, that if you need to know the rules of spelling and grammar.

In the case of documents that come from another language, you should also look at the way it would be said in your language or in your country, so that it is natural. In each case, they will specify what they need you to do.

work from anywhere

Correct texts such as novels or essays

It is not a complicated job but you need to invest time, some readings may be short, but you may also have to read entire books.

My recommendations:

  • As in all the work from home ideas that I mention, it is essential to meet the deadlines, confirm your professional image.
  • Spend the necessary time in each reading, so that the correction is good.
  • You can start doing volunteer work, to get the first clients.

# 9 Writing e-books

If writing is something that you are truly passionate about, and at the same time you are good at it, why not think about writing a book and publishing it?

Don't think you can't get it, obviously you're not just going to have to write, period. You must also make your work known and thus be able to achieve a large number of readers.

Write an ebook and earn money from home

Get comfortable and write

One of the advantages of this work-from-home idea is that you choose the subject you want to write about, it can be a novel, a manual or a guide… you decide!

At the same time, you don't need to invest money in paper printing, if you don't intend. Thanks to the internet you can send your book to the other side of the world with just one click.

Even though many people use their blogs as virtual showcases, if you don't have one I suggest you use the Amazon: Kindle to market your ebook. It is extremely simple and you decide the price at which you intend to market your book, in exchange for a commission for each sale you make. You can reach anyone anywhere in the world. Imagine the opportunities you have!

If you are interested in learning more about this and another info-product, I suggest you do it from the hand of one of the best in this subject: Agustín Grau. In its course "Create infoproducts and generate income”Teaches you how to create your info product from scratch, where to sell it, how to promote it and how to passively generate income. At the same time using this code: 123LESS30 you will get a 30 % discount. make Click here for more information about the course.

# 10 Give online training programs

And to continue with the list of work from home ideas and take advantage of the internet. How about being an online tutor?

Private teacher from home

You can be a private teacher on Skype

We all have some knowledge that we can share with others, it does not have to be something technical, it can be a crafts course or guitar course. Think for a few seconds, what is it that you know how to do so well and in which your friends or acquaintances always ask you for help? ... Well, you could give a course about that.

There are several websites, where you will be able to be a private teacher and earn money. In some you can make videos of the course and make it available to your future students and that's it. On other websites they put you in contact with interested students and classes can be given through Skype or Facetime.

Some advices:

  • Create a complete profile of your knowledge and experience.
  • Be creative, disruptive in your training programs and that will earn you popularity and positive evaluations.
  • Track your students' progress, so you can help them learn.
  • Answer questions and messages from your students.

If you want to know more about how to make money with your knowledge, you can read the following post that I have prepared on How to make money with your knowledge.

# 11 Become a photographer and market your photos

If you are a professional or amateur of photography, you may consider market your photographs to companies to use in their advertising campaigns or for their web pages.


Sell your beautiful photos

Below you will find some websites where you can post your photos.

# 12 Retouching Photographs

If you like photography and at the same time you know how to use programs to retouch photos. Why not take advantage of your hobby or your training? You can offer your services to retouch personal photos on the internet. This idea allows you to work from home or from anywhere you want.

Work retouching photos at home

Give your photos a special touch

Some people are willing to pay for touch-ups or enhancements to their photos or to get their old photos back. Others basically for having a funny photo.

As an example, some photo retouching you can offer: "whiten teeth", "erase glare from the face", "change background". Or do you think you can offer some funnier touches like: "put your face to some superhero", "put your face in the painting of the Mona Lisa", etc ...

# 13 Make videos to earn money from home

You have certainly heard of the "Youtubers". They are people who make a living uploading videos to the Internet, more particularly YouTube (hence their name), and many of them do their work from home.

Make money from home making videos

Don't be shy, get in front of the camera!

Undoubtedly they have all become characters who earn significant sums of money for their videos. This is because YouTube pays them for every thousand visits, but at the same time for the commercial promotion that these videos have. Which enables them to earn really good income.

Maybe you are interested >>>  Apps that pay you to walk, shop, and more. Download them now!

And if they could, why couldn't you? Yes of course!! You only need a video camera and a theme that you intend to share with the world. Apparently, for you to make a living from this, you need to get many visits to your videos.

In the same way as with the blog. You can select a topic that you know very well or basically something that you like or something that you are good at. As an example, you can make videos of makeup techniques, hairstyles or a language training program or how about a course to learn to play the guitar.

If you think you don't have great knowledge to share, you can upload humorous videos, jokes, these are very successful. You have probably seen videos of a puppy or a kitten, right? Well, if you have a pet, take advantage of their antics and share them with the world.

Even though this idea may seem extremely simple, you should pay attention to some recommendations to make your channel a profitable way to generate money.

My recommendations

  • Think of an idea, a good one and if it can be original.
  • Make creative, original videos and post them regularly.
  • Create videos with your own copyright.
  • Analyze the results of your videos.
  • Activate the monetization option of your YouTube channel and create an account in the Google AdSense search engine.
  • You could also entrust the administration and optimization of your channel, in exchange for a commission, to companies such as Fullscreen or Viso.

# 14 Create your online store

Even though, as you have seen, it is not necessary to have your own company to have a job from home, you have other options.

But undoubtedly, creating your own online store has several advantages, such as reducing costs since your initial investment is minimal compared to a physical store, you take care of managing all the work and you can reach customers from all over.


In your online store you can sell your own creations: jewelry, candles, t-shirts, etc ... but you could also sell other people's products.

But did you know that there are other ways to shop online? Do you know the drop shipment? It is about retailing a product without actually owning it. In other words, the retailer (that is, you) reaches an agreement with the manufacturer to market its product and it will be in charge of sending it directly to the end customer on behalf of the retailer, therefore you do not have the need to have a stock of the merchandise. The benefit is obtained in the purchase that you make at the same time from the manufacturer of that product, but at a lower cost. Finally, your mission in this triangular link is to be an intermediary.

If you are looking to know more about dropshipping, I suggest you read the blog post Create Virtual Store, Dropshipping: The smart way to create a cheap online store?, where you will find detailed information on the subject and other interesting entries 🙂

# 15 Cook

Do you consider yourself a good cook? Do you not mind preparing food for ten people, on the contrary, do you like the idea? Do your friends or family ask you for the recipes of your dishes? ... If you have answered yes to the questions of This little quiz, then, you can seriously consider the opportunity to become a cook.

Kitchen for others - collaborative kitchen

What is that scrumptious recipe you make?

You will be thinking ... okay, yes, and now What? How do I do it? How much can I earn? Where?

Well, to begin with, you should know that you can consider making money by being a cook in two ways: as a host or as a home cook. what is the difference? As a host, you will prepare your best dishes and receive your clients in your own home. And since this post is about working from home, we will talk more in detail about this. As a home cook, as the name implies, you must go to your clients' homes and prepare your recipes in their kitchens.

In either case, you have many successful alternatives. Think about the potential customers you can reach. Currently, it is common to see in families that both parents work, sometimes even too much. They do not have time to prepare a variety of meals and prepare them every day, much less to invite their friends to dinner or lunch.

But do not think that you could only prepare dishes for families or large dinners. Even though in Spain it is common to take the tupper (or tupper) to work. Usually we do not have time to prepare anything, therefore we resort to sandwiches, sandwiches or something similar that is quick. But what if you could offer home cooked food and they basically pick it up? There is benefit for both sides, they eat healthy, homemade and fresh; and at the same time you earn some money.

And if you think that this is not for you, because you are good at desserts! You can also do it, of course. As an example, those cupcakes that come out of death, those cakes, those cakes…. They are ideal for desserts, for celebrations, birthdays, etc !!

And all this is feasible, thanks to the collaborative kitchen or between individuals and that is in full growth, later you will find the most recognized websites.

Some tips to increase your income:

  • Make yourself known in your neighborhood, in your city, talk to your neighbors.
  • Make yourself known on the internet, do not hesitate to use social networks.
  • Train yourself, to improve your knowledge as a cook.

# 16 Make crafts and sell them

Continuing on the side of the most creative and manual jobs ... You can make crafts at home and sell them online.

This is very easy but it offers you a wide variety of opportunities and it is very important that you make yourself known. You already know that recommendations work very well.

Make crafts at home to sell

Make beautiful and original crafts

Some simple ideas with which you can let your creativity fly and make your work from home your passion:

  • Make jewelry or accessories, such as bracelets, necklaces or earrings.
  • Decorative ornaments for children's birthdays, for theme parties, etc.
  • Make candles.
  • Make soaps.

In this post you can find more craft ideas to market and what you can do at home.

# 17 Clothing arrangements

If you are a fan of crafts and especially sewing, you can take advantage of your free time and your skills to make small clothing arrangements. And if you dare and have the knowledge, you can make custom clothes and earn extra money with this work from home.

Clothing arrangements to earn money

Make small arrangements or make your own designs

You can start with your closest circle: your family, your friends or your neighbors. 🙂

It is also a good work-from-home possibility with which you can bring out your creative side 🙂.

You don't have to be a famous designer to do it. You can start with small assignments, such as raising the hem of a dress or pants, creating original pillowcases or cushions, or how about making a custom skirt? Think about it, there are many options, don't let your sewing machine collect dust.

# 18 Taking care of pets in your home

If you are an animal lover and you enjoy spending your time with them. Plan to earn a few euros taking care of pets in your home while their owners go on vacation or are working.

Work at home taking care of pets

Take care of pets at home

At the same time, if you already have a pet it will not be anything new, it will actually be a good possibility to expand your pet's circle of friends 😉

That if, before accepting:

  • Think and prepare the space that your guest will have, remember that he should feel at home.
  • Take into consideration characteristics such as species, size, the noise it can make or if someone in your house has any type of allergies.

Having some precautions accounts will prevent us from getting scared.

#19 Virtual Assistant

It is increasingly common for companies to hire customer service personnel to perform these functions from home.

The companies that regularly seek employees remotely are telecommunications, mass consumer products stores and even financial or insurance organizations.

virtual assistant

Virtual assistant from home

You have to have some knowledge and obviously as it is a work from home you must meet certain technical requirements at home (good Internet connection, telephone). Hours are generally flexible, and a high level of responsibility is required. Companies will regularly give you basic training on how to answer calls, the answers that should be given in different situations.

In the job portals you will find different job offers for virtual assistant.

And now that I am clear about what I want to do ... where?

On the Internet you will find several websites with job offers. Surely you already know traditional job portals such as Infojobs, Monster or LinkedIn. But to complement the information in this post, I have put together a list of websites in Spanish, where you can find offers to work from home.


The most important thing: having a PC, Internet access (or a smartphone with Internet) and of course, being clear about what we are going to do, what we are good at doing.


Here you will find offers in different areas ranging from software development, data entry and design until engineering, science, sales and marketing, accounting, and legal services.

You can register for free. But in the same way as the previous websites, you will be charged a commission for work performed, which will be 10 % or 4 euros (they charge you the highest of the two) for fixed price projects, and 10 % for projects per hour.


It is a network available in Spanish, and number one in Latin America. Here you will be able to find projects in categories such as: programming, design, translation, marketing, administrative, legal, finance and engineering support.

Registering is absolutely free. There is a commission for each job performed by a 15 %. The money you have earned can be requested by bank transfer, PayPal or through Payoneer.

At the same time, if you are a beginner in this work from home, this website has a YouTube channel with different tutorials that will help you solve your doubts.


This web is aimed at the Spanish-speaking public, mainly in areas of programming, design, digital marketing and community manager.

Like other platforms, registration and use is free. Users can create their portfolio online and upload their resume. There is also a payment option, the PRO account, with additional benefits.

Regarding commissions, a 14 % is applied to the total project, this is detailed when determining the price.

The means of payment are PayPal and Payoneer. For users in El Salvador, payment by direct deposit to their bank account has also been implemented.

Another advantage of SoyFreelancer is that it has excellent support (by chat or email) in case you have any questions. Actually, they have been the ones who have given me all this information to share on the blog… Thank you Patricia 😉

Nubelo (acquired by Freelancer)

In this platform you can find job offers and freelance projects, specialized in the digital sector in more than 30 countries. The offers you can find are: web and smartphone development, design and imagination, digital marketing, software engineering, writing and translation, and business services (accounting, HR, etc.)

Registration is free with a basic account. But if you need to have other advantages, you can use a Premium account for 29 euros per month. This website does not charge you when you are hired, here is the company that will pay a commission for your services.

You can request the payment of your earnings by bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoins and IAS card. You can check for each country which are the methods of withdrawal of funds.

In the same way as Workana, Nubelo also has a YouTube channel where you can follow its tutorials.


Other platform where can you find Projects interesting in web and programming, design, translation, writing, sales and marketing and services for companies.

You can register for free, with a basic subscription, at the same time you have other payment options with additional benefits.

With the basic subscription, they apply a commission of 10 % for work done and you will get 10 initial “twago credits”. This is a system that enables you to submit offers to the projects that interest you the most.

To withdraw the money from your safePay account, you can do it through your bank account.


In this Web You can find 6 main categories of projects: graphic design, writing, multimedia, software and technology, management, finance and marketing, and construction and home. You will find very varied projects, it is important to highlight reviewing their offers.

Registration is free, but a commission of 8 % must be paid for each project achieved. You agree with the client which will be the payment method that suits you best.

On this website, several advertisements are made public every day in different categories and mainly in software and writing, therefore here you have a good chance of finding a job.


In Textmaster you can find translation projects, create posts, web pages, etc. They will send you projects according to your profile. Take your time to make your profile more attractive and complete. Specify all your skills and abilities (languages, computer programs, ...).

The money you will earn will depend on the project, and they apply a small commission. You can collect the money you earn through PayPal.


It is a platform of video training. The operation is simple, you sign up absolutely free, you can use your Facebook account, and then create your own course. You record a video demonstrating your skills or knowledge and that's it, start making money.

It has more than 3 million registered students in 160 countries. You will not be short of the possibilities of earning a few euros with your work from home.

This website applies a commission of 30 % to the "teachers" on the final price paid by the student. At the same time, in order to increase your sales you can use: discount coupons, affiliate programs or promotions. Payments are made through PayPal.


Is Web is well known, here you can offer your services, knowledge or skills for a minimum price of $ 5. The initial idea was to offer something following the phrase: " I'm going to… (here you put what you can do)… for 5 $”, But now you can find different prices and different offers, increasingly original, as an example, make illustrations, draw a logo, draw a portrait, etc ...

Let your creativity fly and propose something fun. And if you know English, you have more possibilities, because its audience is mostly English-speaking.


Some specialized platforms where you can create your photography portfolio are: Fotolia or Shutterstock.

The operation is very easy and you will earn some extra money per month.

They keep a previously agreed commission for each sale made.


Speaking of collaborative cooking, the most recognized websites are:

  • EatWith: The best known internationally. If you are looking to learn more about being a host and submitting your request to eatwith, click click here.
  • I share plate. (shareyourmeal) This website is not well known yet, but it is one of the websites where you can propose your dishes to your neighbors.

English Websites

If you have knowledge of English and you want to expand your possibilities to work from home, here is a list of some websites in English where you can also find interesting offers.

Other pages to earn money working from home

There are other ways to start earning money online from home such as paid surveys. You only need a few minutes a day and you will gradually accumulate money.

If you are in Spain 🇪🇸, I suggest you: Toluna, the i-Say website and also LifePoints

You live in Mexico 🇲🇽, try: LifePoints or Toluna MX.

In Colombia 🇨🇴: LifePoints Colombia, also Toluna Colombia

In Argentina 🇦🇷 you will also find LifePoints and the Toluna page.

You can also take advantage of a few minutes of the day to see advertisements and get paid for it. As an example, I use Neobux. If you are looking to discover other ideas to earn money, click here.


As you can see, you have different opportunities to start your work from home and develop professionally. At first, your income may not be high, but little by little it will grow.

The objective of this post is to show you how you can earn money from your own home and in some cases taking advantage of your hobbies and what you are good at doing. Even when it seems crazy to you, it is increasingly common to find people who work from home and make a living from it.

I'm not going to lie to you, it's not easy, it's not just sitting in front of your PC and waiting for the money to appear, hopefully! . But no. You have to work every day to be successful, be constant and also learn constantly, train yourself to take a step forward and not become obsolete. Each time there may be something new, everything advances and you have to take a step forward at the same pace.

I hope this post has provided you with useful information and that it has inspired you to jump in and start some work from home. Much encouragement!

Do not forget to leave me your comment or questions below. I will be very happy to know your experience and your opinion 😉

Photos: Pixabay


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