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The digitization of events is more than a reality. It is a strategic process that many companies, brands and professionals are facing more and more.

The main reason is that having the possibility of holding a digital event, or simultaneously in person and streaming, allows it to be accessible to a greater number of people and also facilitates a better use of the resources that are invested.

To do this, have a good Event organization it's key. And if your team does not need expert professionals in this field, the best option is to hire a company that provides this type of service to avoid mistakes.

The only way for your digital event to be a success is by trusting those who know this area and perfectly handle the necessary tools to execute it.

So, in this post we invite you to know:

  • Why it is important to carry out a correct digital transformation of events.
  • How to transform your own face-to-face events into a digital option.

Importance of the digital transformation of events

Now more than ever the digitization of events is an essential action for companies. We are living in a scenario in which face-to-face meetings are becoming more restrictive every day and in which it is necessary to find alternatives.

One of these alternatives is based on transforming the face-to-face event into a digital event, or into an event that can be offered in both modalities.

On the other hand, the Internet has made it possible for companies to reach audiences thousands of miles away. For these people it is very difficult to attend face-to-face events.

This is another reason why event digitization is relevant to a business. In this way, all the people who want it can attend, regardless of their location.

From a business point of view, this can be a significant source of income. both for the sale of tickets and for the sales that can be closed. In addition, it is one more way to expand the business.

Tip: The ideal would be to be able to combine both modalities, face-to-face and streaming, and thus take advantage of the advantages of both and at the same time enhance the results.

➽ Characteristics of a digital event

And what is it that makes the digital transformation of events so attractive? Around a digital event, a series of characteristics come together that contribute to making this type of activities here to stay:

  • More coverage. People from anywhere in the world can attend a digital event.
  • Without capacity limits. As it is not held in a closed room, there are no capacity limits.
  • More scalable. All of the above makes the event scalable without any limitation.
  • Less costs. These are reduced by dispensing with certain mandatory elements in face-to-face mode.
  • Innovation. With the capital saved, it is possible to invest in aspects that help us offer a better user experience.
  • Replay possibility. If the event is recorded, you can get a material to offer to the attendees as a bonus.

As you can see, the stakes are high. And, therefore, it is worth having the help of third parties when organizing a digital event. It is not only because of the investment made in its celebration, but because of everything that it implies.

How to transform an event to digital

As we have already commented throughout this article, the best option to digitize events is to have a team of expert people who have first-hand knowledge of this environment and the tools that are required.

➽ Define content

Most likely, the content of your digital event differs in part from what you had designed for the face-to-face format. If so, please review and adapt it.

In case it is a face-to-face event and streaming at the same time, find the balance that both audiences need to get the most out of it.

➽ Prepare the rundown

This is vital for any format, but in digital it is essential to avoid unnecessarily lengthening sessions.

When we are in a physical environment, the room is reserved only for a time. We can't get over it. Therefore, all presentations and activities must be adjusted.

Being taught online, there are no such pressures, but we do not want to bore the public either. So prepare the rundown and adjust the timing.

➽ Include question time

In face-to-face events, it is usual to approach the speaker at the end of the session to ask him questions. In the digital event this possibility does not exist. When this ends, the online room is closed.

For this reason, we recommend that you include a question time in your list, so the attendees can intervene by sharing their doubts.

➽ Use safe tools

In order not to compromise the issuance, you must use stable, secure and trustworthy tools. This is not the time for testing ... any failure could cause the effort put into the event to be wasted!

Do you dare to transform your face-to-face event into a digital event? Follow the recommendations that we have shared with you and offer the best possible experience to your attendees.

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