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How to win the lottery and not lose everything trying!

The lottery is one of the most popular games of chance in many countries, and it is that who would not want to win a few hundred euros, right? Surely you are wondering how to win the lottery and you even imagine what you would do with the money if you were rich, if you were one of the lucky ones ... a long vacation, the house of your dreams, or perhaps a luxury car ...

But where do you find the method by which you can match the winning numbers?

Well the truth is there is no technique or a formula that teaches you how to win the lottery, it is all a matter of statistics. Therefore, what you can do is apply some strategies that allow you to increase your chances of winning.

That is what I am going to talk about in this post. I am going to describe some of these strategies so that you can apply them. I will also give you some tips and some warnings that I think are important when you are going to play the lottery.

In this post you will find:

Strategies to increase your chances of winning the lottery

Play the lottery in groups

One way to increase your chances of winning the lottery is to join a group.

It can be a lottery group with your co-workers, with your friends from the gym, with friends from college or with any other group you belong to.

The important thing is that everyone is willing to share the prize if they are a winner.

Apparently, the drawback is that being a shared prize, you will receive less money, in the case of being a winner. But that's better than receiving nothing, don't you think?

play in group

Play lottery in a group

Define your frequency of play

In other words, plan how often and in which draw you are going to play. It can be once a week, twice a month, etc.

As an example, instead of playing one ticket every day, you can play multiple tickets once a week for a better chance of winning a specific and perhaps bigger prize. Also so that you can organize your budget and not get out of it.

Buy multiple tickets

This is pure logic. The more tickets you have, the more chances you have to win a prize.

As an example, if the probability that you win the lottery is one in 10,000,000 when you buy a ticket, it will increase when you buy 25 tickets, in other words, your chances will be 25 out of 10,000,000.

Yes, they are still few, I know. But look at it like this: having 25 tickets gives you more possibilities than having just 1.

how to win the lottery

Increase your odds by purchasing multiple tickets

Choose lottery games with fewer constituent numbers

It is a matter of statistics. The fewer numbers that participate, the greater the chances that you will win the prize.

But make no mistake believing that if one day is less popular and not many people buy the lottery, you have a better chance of winning. This is not the case, unless it is a giveaway where the winner will be one of the buyers.

The number of people playing the lottery on a particular day does not affect your odds.

Of course, when there are fewer players, it is less likely that there will be multiple winners.

players without playing

Choose lottery games wisely

Always play the same number or select a random combination?

Statistically speaking, all numbers have the same chances of winning. Whether you choose that special date or any number considered weird or cursed, or those winning numbers from previous years that some people may think will never come out again.

Of course, when you choose a date, you are limiting your opportunities, since 31 is the maximum number of days that a month has, in this way you will be excluding the upper figures. The same can be said for the number of months: 12.

However, in Spain when we talk about the Christmas Lottery draw, year after year numbers are demanded that correspond to dates of relevant events in history or that correspond to the death of famous people. Read more:

play the same number or randomly

Do you play the same number?

How to select a winning lottery number?

When you search the internet, you will find strategies as to which number to select, like these:

  • Do a study to identify the patterns or characteristics of previous drawings. For this, you can use the history of the winning number from previous years.
  • Pick a combination and be true to it. In other words, don't let a management computer select the number for you. And as long as you are going to buy lottery tickets, it is the same number.
  • Do not choose a number that refers to a special date. The numbers don't have to make sense. This is because of what I was telling you before, if we choose dates we are excluding numbers above 31.
  • Pick lucky numbers and discard the unlucky numbers. For this, when you carry out a lottery study, you will see which numbers have come out more frequently (the lucky ones) and which ones have not (the unlucky ones).
  • At the same time, some websites recommend that you do not choose combinations that have obtained results in the past. Because they say, the chances of the same number appearing twice are very remote. However, in Spain there are two numbers that have been repeated in the Gordo Christmas Lottery, these are 15,640 (in 1956 and 1978) and 20,297 (in 1993 and 2006).
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Read more:

Tips for playing the lottery

Tips for winning the lottery

  • Get organized. Create a budget and don't get out of it.
  • If you play the lottery in a group, make sure you have a copy of the ticket or participation ticket.
  • The lucky number does not exist. It is equally likely that all the numbers will come up. Then do not trust the strategies that claim to give you the magic combination with which in summary you will know how to win the lottery. The winning number is absolutely random, statistically, no matter what number you pick.
  • There are not there is no "magic" place where you can buy the lottery and make sure you win a prize. What sometimes happens is that you can tap the prize at a location multiple times due to the number of people who have purchased their tickets at that location. The more people shop at the same place, the chances that one of the buyers will win the prize increases. In Spain as an example, mythical administrations to buy Christmas Lottery They are: The Golden Witch in Sort (Lleida), Doña Manolita in Madrid, Valdés in Barcelona and the Ormaechea lottery in Bilbao. And it is that in these administrations the award has been played several times, and each time you will see more people queuing to buy their tenth.
  • Once the lottery drawing has passed, be sure to check your tickets. Some sweepstakes have different prizes and different ways to win. Go to the lottery administrations to verify it. Even if you don't have the jackpot number, you may have won another prize.
  • If you have won the main prize of the draw, first of all, congratulations !! You should contact an attorney to advise you and accompany you to collect the award.
  • Reinvest your earnings. If you have won a prize, not the main prize, I mean a modest prize, use it to buy more tickets next time to increase your chances of winning the main prize.

The following warnings will teach you how to win the lottery and not die trying.


1. Play smart, do not go out of your budget and your planning. Taking care of your personal finances is essential, so keep a check and not be tempted to gamble "for revenge" to avoid losses.

2. Avoid scams that abound on the Internet. These gambling scams prey on people looking to make easy, fast and effortless money. Beware of websites that:

  • They ask you to send money to receive a big prize.
  • They use talismans, rituals, mathematical combinations to attract luck and thus obtain important prizes.
  • They send you emails or correspondence notifying you of a prize from a contest in which you have not participated.
  • If you are going to play the lottery on the Internet, make sure they are legal websites, which are supported by the government.

3. Beware of programs or systems that tell you how to win the lottery.. On the Internet there are many websites that offer you this type of formula, apparently in exchange for a payment. They will promise you many things, such as by way of example:

  • That you are going to win the first prize in the lottery.
  • That you are going to win the first lottery prize in a certain time.
  • They guarantee your money back if you don't win a prize.

But the truth is that, and as I have already said several times, there is no method that tells you point by point how to win the lottery. The winning number is chosen at random, there are no magic formulas.

Do you want to win money now instead of waiting for the lottery?

It's okay to dream of winning the lottery, but now I want to propose some practical ideas, so that you can start earning extra money while you wait for luck to come to you in the form of a jackpot.

  • Share your room for free, your apartment or your house with other people. Thanks to Airbnb you can generate extra income by sharing free spaces in your home. You just have to create an ad with photos and a good description to receive guests. To understand how much you can get, you can do a simulation by clicking here.
  • Complete surveys. This method is about getting paid for sharing your opinion on products or services. The advantage is that you do not need specific knowledge or experience, it is also a way to earn money online from home or anywhere. For Spain 🇪🇸 I recommend: Toluna and also i-Say. If you are in Mexico 🇲🇽: Toluna MX and LifePoints. If you live in Colombia 🇨🇴: Toluna Colombia and anyway also LifePoints. There are other paid survey pages, you can find them in this post.
  • Read advertising emails. Receive commercial promotion in your email in exchange for a few cents. I recommend: Sumaclicks and also Clickxti. You will find other pages of this method in this post.
  • See commercials. Another of the simplest methods to earn extra money online. It consists of looking at different ads for a few seconds. The remuneration is not very high, but with patience you will accumulate money little by little. The best known and most reliable page is: Neobux. To understand more about this method you can read this post.

These are just a few examples of how you can earn income online. I also leave you a selection of post with more ideas:

And finally …

I'm sorry I didn't give you the key so it's important that you know how to win the lottery. But I assure you that no expert has been able to determine a method to achieve this.

This is why, personally, I don't think "lottery winning systems" work to give you your lucky number. I believe that there are methods to increase the chances of winning, but we must be careful to avoid being victims of scams and losing our money.

And you, Do you have other tricks to increase your chances of winning? Do you usually play random numbers or do you prefer a special number?

If you want to know the best methods to earn money or you want to learn how to save, you have come to the right place.

Do not forget to leave your comment or suggestion below, or through the contact form.

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