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It is becoming more and more common to make an online purchase, right? Be it a book, clothes, shoes or movie tickets. Surely you have found when paying, that you can choose between paying by card or Pay with PayPal.

But a PayPal account in addition allow to receive payments, either from your friends, acquaintances or for your business.

Many companies where you can earn money and that I have told you about in other posts (paid surveys, apps to generate money, sale of used clothing, ...) make their payments through PayPal. That is why I suggest you, if you don't have it yet, create one. If you are interested in knowing how to create a PayPal account, keep reading and you will see how easy it is!

This post is designed especially for beginners, with the most frequent questions that may arise and that I asked myself one day when I was creating a PayPal account.

What is Paypal?


PayPal is a platform that enables you pay and receive payments online safely, conveniently and profitably; without having to share your financial information.

This means of payment is used by individuals and professionals, it can be applied from a computer or from a cell phone with internet access.

What is a PayPal account for?

  • To pay for your purchases online, without having to share your bank or card details.
  • Receive your charges for the sale of products or services.
  • To send money to your friends or family, without having to pay large commissions.
  • You can also receive the money you have earned on the Internet 😉

What do I need to create a PayPal account?

To create a PayPal account, the first requirement is to be of legal age.

At the same time, you need to have an email account and a bank account or credit or debit card, where do you want to receive your money and where will the money come from to make your payments.

Can I make money with PayPal?

As I told you previously, PayPal is a means of electronic payment, it IS NOT a method to generate money.

However, there are alternatives to earn money online that make payments through PayPal. These are good options to increase your account balance and be able to use it for online purchases or transfer it to your bank account.

If you are interested in knowing the best solutions to get money in PayPal, Click here.

How to create a PayPal account?

We are going to see point by point how to create a PayPal account.

1. Sign up

First, you must go to the web portal of PayPal: and select «Create PayPal account»

There are two types of accounts in PayPal:

  • Bill Personal. To buy, receive and pay money to friends, family.
  • Bill Deal. Receive payments and send invoices to your clients. It is made for people with any type of business.

We will choose Personal account and press the button «Continue”.

How to create an account: Personal account

Sign up

Next, you must choose your country, enter your email and create a password. Make sure you access a password that you can remember, but that is not easy.


Fill in your information

Click on "Continue" and fill in the information they request and click on the button «Accept and continue«.

2. Select how you want to pay

Once you have completed your personal information, you must select how you want to pay for your purchases: using your bank account or your card (debit or credit). This is the only step where PayPal will ask for this information.

Fill in the information required and confirm. Click the button "To accept”.

How to create a PayPal account: bank account or card

Select how you want to pay

And voila, you already have your PayPal account !!

In addition, you must have received an email to confirm your email address.

3. Link your card or your bank account.

The last step is to confirm your account and link it to your card or bank account.

If you have chosen to use your Credit or debit card As a means of payment, you are requesting that a small fee be charged with the code to confirm the card. Don't worry, this will return you to the same card when you have confirmed it.

To locate the PayPal code, check your card statement and you will see a small charge with the word PAYPAL accompanied by a 4-digit code. Enter your PayPal account and select «Link and confirm my credit or debit cardAnd write the code. Ready, your card is already linked to your PayPal account.

In case you have chosen one Bank accountWithin two to three business days, PayPal will send two small amounts to your account between € 0.01 and € 0.99. This is to verify that you are the owner of the bank account. To locate the deposit amounts, consult the bank statement, and you will see two entries with the description PAYPAL.

To confirm, you must access PayPal with your email and password, and select the option «Confirm bank accountAnd you must write down the amounts received, precisely as they appear on your bank statement. In other words, if you have received 0.17; you should write 0.17 and that's it. 🙂

How to pay with PayPal?

You have already seen how easy and fast it is to create a PayPal account. Now you will see that paying with PayPal is extremely easy At the same time, you just have to write your email address, the same one with which you registered with PayPal; and then put the password. And that is !! ...

Now you may be wondering, is that all? Well yes, it is that simple. When you select to pay with PayPal, the money will come out of your PayPal balance, your bank account or your card, depending on what you have linked to your account. At the same time, another advantage is that you do not pay any commission when paying with PayPal.

PayPal is safe?

You may wonder if PayPal is safe, right? PayPal is the safest form of payment, since you should not share your information when you make a payment, so no one can steal or falsify or carry out any fraud with your card or bank account.

At the same time, PayPal offers you protection whether you are a buyer (for the payments you make) or a seller (for the payments you receive).

On the PayPal web portal, you can find this information:

«Consumer protection: If you buy with PayPal and your post does not arrive or does not match the seller's description, we will refund the full amount of your purchase. Buyer Protection covers purchases made with PayPal. It also applies to payments made directly from our web portal. «

«Seller protection: If you receive an unauthorized payment or a buyer claims they did not receive the post they purchased, Seller Protection will cover the full amount of the sale as long as the necessary requirements are met. «

Have you heard of PayPal cards?

Contrary to what some may think ... the co-branded cards that PayPal already had THEY ARE NOT OPERATIONAL.

In Spain, PayPal prepaid cards cannot be used since January 31, 2015, when the Bank of Spain revoked Younique Money's authorization to operate. This electronic money entity is in charge of issuing prepaid cards, including PayPal. In this way, ignore the websites offered PayPal prepaid cards because they no longer exist.

On the other hand, PayPal also had the Visa PayPal credit card, issued by Cetelem. This agreement ended in August 2015. In this way, Visa PayPal credit cards no longer exist.

To end, PayPal is only available for payments and collections on the Internet. Anything else you come across is a scam.

Finally ... some tips and tricks:

  • Use your personal email. If you have multiple emails, use the one dedicated to personal matters and the one you check many times.
  • Create a strong password and that you can remember. I advise you to mix uppercase and lowercase letters, or with a number.
  • Remind confirm your email and Check your bank account.
  • Do not trust the emails that pose as "PayPal" and ask you to confirm payments or to give your bank information again, do not do it, it is a scam. I have read that there have been cases of emails allegedly from eBay or Secondhand asking you to confirm payments or charges. PayPal will NEVER ask you in an email to give your details again.

And you, do you already have a PayPal account? Do you know someone who doesn't use PayPal yet? … And if you still have other questions about how to create a PayPal account, you can write to me or leave your comment.

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