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15 Ideas to earn extra money in summer ☀️

Summer is just around the corner and I suppose you already have your plans or are preparing the last details ... How good 🏖 🏔 ☀️! But since I know that not everyone can afford a vacation here or there, I have prepared this post with some ideas to take advantage of this vacation and earn extra money in the summer. what if?

Some of these ideas will take you a short time and with others you will even have fun and meet people, you will see. Summer can be enjoyed even working.

# 1 Become a host

If you are leaving for a few days, one way to get some extra money and not leave your house empty is to rent your house or just a room.

From my point of view, the best platform to do it is Airbnb. You just have to take some nice photos, put a clear and detailed description of your hosting, set the availability and price, and that's it!

To get an idea of how much you can earn as an Airbnb host, click here.

If you don't plan on going on vacation, you can rent a room in your house. If you don't mind sharing your home, of course.

One of the advantages of Airbnb is that you can know the evaluations of the person you intend to rent before accepting, and if the profile does not convince you, you can say no. At the same time, Airbnb takes care of the collection and will send it to you later, this is quite safe.

In this web portal you can rent your hosting but you can also stay in other people's houses. I have done it and the truth has been quite good for me, I have had good experiences and you meet quite nice people who recommend places in their city. 😊

My advice (* 15 *): Create a nice ad, with photos and clear information. Answer the questions of your potential guests.

Recommended web portal (* 15 *): It could not be other than Airbnb, you can register as a host directly here.

If you have other spaces in your house that you want to rent, in this post you will find more information.

# 2 Make money in the summer by babysitting

This is one of the star ideas to earn extra money on vacation.


Extremely simple. The children are on school holidays but the parents' holidays do not have the same duration. That is why they have to find someone (babysitter or nanny) to spend a few hours a day with the little ones.

Many will believe that it is a job for girls but there are also parents who hire boys. The important thing is that you show your experience, your knowledge and how you can help these parents.

If you are good with children, have experience or studies, start placing advertisements on the Internet pages, on the portal of your building, talk to neighbors, your parents' friends, ...

As a babysitter you can earn between 10 and 12 euros an hour.

My advice (* 15 *): If at any time you have babysat with the children of your neighbors, your cousins or other people, ask them to recommend you to other people and to write you a reference. This will show the seriousness of your work.

Recommended websites: (* 15 *)

Make money in the summer by babysitting

Babysitter in summer to earn extra money

# 3 Take care of the elderly in summer (or throughout the year)

Some families seek additional help to care for the elderly throughout the year. But if you can do it only in summer it is a good way to earn extra money.

In some cases, it is possible that they ask you to do some household chores such as shopping or preparing something to eat, nothing complicated.

My advice (* 15 *): To find possibilities of caring for the elderly, I suggest you talk to your environment and ask for their recommendation.

You can as an example see this website:(*15*)

  • : In the United States, Canada, Spain and other European countries.
  • Job portals.

# 4 Take care of pets in the summer

In summer, pets also need to be cared for and pampered. So if you like pets, what better way to earn extra money in the summer than taking care of them 🐶 🐱 🐰…., Don't you think?

When families go on vacation and cannot take their pet, they look for someone to take care of them, you can be that person.

In some cases they may ask you to take them out for a walk two or three times a day, perhaps to house a pet in your home, or they may want you to take care of it but at home. You decide how to take care of the pet and how much you would do it.

My advice (* 15 *): For owners and caregivers: before accepting, I think it is essential to know / introduce the pet, they must know who you are and trust you. I tell you this from my own experience. A few months ago we (my boyfriend and I) took care of the kitten of some friends, he is beautiful but he is very shy. Despite knowing each other, at first he hid and only went out to eat, but little by little he approached and played with us. Both he and we had a good time those days 🙂

Recommended websites (* 15 *):

# 5 Take private lessons to earn extra money in the summer

Make-up exams, reinforcement classes… For some, it's also time to study in the summer.

Maybe you are interested >>>  What is a Blogger? Is it a fashion or a profession?

If you have the knowledge with which to help children and adolescents pass their exams, then go ahead and be their teacher.

You can give face-to-face private classes or online classes, or combine both. Therefore, if your student is absent for a few days, they can continue to receive classes.

My advice (* 15 *): I suggest you offer the first hour free, to demonstrate your knowledge and know precisely what your student requires. It offers the opportunity of face-to-face and online classes.

Recommended websites (* 15 *):

In this post I will tell you more about private classes and the most popular pages. Click to read it.

private classes in summer earn extra money

Become a private teacher in the summer

# 6 Rent the car to individuals

If you don't have plans to move on this vacation, a good idea to earn extra money in the summer is to rent your car 🚗.

You create an ad with the description of your vehicle, the availability (hours or days) and the price. As easy as that. When someone is interested in your vehicle, you just have to accept and agree on the delivery time for the keys and the vehicle.

You are certainly wondering, is this safe? The truth is that if. The company through which you rent your car has insurance that covers any incident that may occur. You will have your car back at the agreed time and you will have earned some money without having done practically anything.

My advice (* 15 *): Regularly all websites work in the same way, but if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact them and they will inform you.

Recommended websites (* 15 *):

In this post you will find other ideas to earn money and save with your car.

# 7 Earn extra money on summer carpooling

Since we are talking about cars ...

Do you know that in summer there are many people who go to the beach, to the town, to see their family, their friends,…?

If at the same time you are going to travel by car and you have free places, publish your trip on one of the websites that I am going to recommend. On these websites you will find other people who want to go to the same destination as you. From this dynamic, you do not travel alone or alone and the other person can travel saving some money.

My advice (* 15 *): Answer travelers' questions and as always be careful on the way 🙂

Recommended web portal (* 15 *):

  • The best known is Blablacar.
  • But if you didn't know, in Amovens you can also share trips with other people.

# 8 Earn money in the summer by being a tour guide in your city

Does your city receive many tourists in summer? If this is your case, become a tour guide.

You don't have to be a history expert. You can prepare original tours, where tourists know hidden corners of your city, make them live gastronomic and cultural experiences that no guide mentions. At the same time, if you speak other languages, you can be a guide of several nationalities.

My advice (* 15 *): Prepare small group tours to create a friendly environment where everyone can participate. Tell some history with some anecdotes that books don't tell.

Recommended websites: (* 15 *)

  • Airbnb. Once registered, you can access the "Experiences" section and propose an activity.

Earn extra money in the summer with a temp job

In summer the possibilities for some temporary jobs increase. From this dynamic you will be able to earn a little extra money that will get you out of trouble or help you pay part of next year's tuition at the University.

Earn extra money in the summer

In summer you can find a temporary job, for example as a waiter

Here are some temporary jobs you can find in the summer:

# 9 waiter (* 15 *)

Mainly in tourist cities.

# 10 Pool cleaning (* 15 *)

Generally in private pools. Some families don't have the time or the will to do it. It will only take you a couple of hours a week and it will earn you some money.

# 11 life preserver (* 15 *)

If you have a degree, you can look for work in public pools, private pools, or beaches.

# 12 cheerleader (* 15 *)

In hotels or children's camps, entertainers are requested for different activities such as: zumba, yoga, babysitters, languages, ...

# 13 hotel receptionist (* 15 *)

You will have a better chance if you speak English and other languages.

# 14 usher (* 15 *)

In summer there is a wide range of events in theaters, cinemas or outdoor activities.

# 15 Shop assistant (* 15 *)

In summer, for example, temporary markets or ice cream kiosks are installed. You may be able to help and earn money for each day of help.

You can look for offers for these types of jobs in temporary work agencies or on job portals.


Summer is also a great time to earn extra money. In this list I have given you some examples of how you can take advantage of this vacation. You have no excuses. Start now!

I also suggest that you combine it with some online methods to earn money, for example, taking paid surveys. You can always do this and from anywhere, in this post you will find 31 ideas to start making money online.

If what you are looking for are ideas to help you make ends meet, click here to read the post where I tell you 27 methods. (* 15 *)

Well, I know that not everything in life is work, therefore if you have plans to travel here I leave you some tips to travel cheap ✈️ And by the way I remind you that you do not need to spend a lot of money to have fun, in this list you can find some ideas that you can get away for free (or spending little money) to do with your family, your partner or your friends… Have fun!

And you, what plans do you have for the summer? Have you tried any ideas to earn money in summer before? Tell me about your experience. 🙂

Photos: Pixabay

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