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Form name - Name the form.

Form fields - A list of the fields on your form. You can duplicate, add or delete fields as you like. You can drag and drop to change their order.

Click on a field to view its settings.

  1. Type - Choose the type of field you want (a list of types here)
  2. Label - The name of the field, which is shown in the form and in the email received from the user.
  3. Position marker - The display name of the field's interface.
  4. Necessary - Activate it to set the field as a required field.
  5. Column width - Allows you to set the width of the field. If you want a form with two fields in a row, set each field to 50%.

Field types

  1. Text - A simple text field. that is, name
  2. E-mail - A type of email. Includes email validation
  3. Text area - A type of text area. You can set the number of rows
  4. Url - A website URL field
  5. Tel - A type of phone number
  6. Radio - A type of radio. Single choice. You can swipe Online List to get horizontal style. Click to see more options
  7. Please select - A select guy. Drop-down list of options. It can be set to multiple selection. Click to see more options
  8. Box - A type of check box. Check one or more options. You can swipe Online List to get horizontal style. Click to see more options
  9. Acceptance - Add a checkbox of terms for the user to accept
  10. Number - A type of number
  11. Date - Add a date picker field
  12. Time - Add a time selector field
  13. Upload file - Allow your users to upload files
  14. Password - Add a password field
  15. HTML - Add an HTML field
  16. Hidden - Add a hidden field. Hidden from the user, but visible to the administrator
  17. He passed - Add a step field for a multi-step form
  18. reCAPTCHA - Add a reCAPTCHA. reCAPTCHA verifies that the user is not a robot
  19. Jar of honey - Add a Honeypot to your form

  1. Inlet size - Set the height of the fields.
  2. Label - Show or hide the labels on the form.



Advanced tab Form fields

More form options

This page describes the form Fields options. For other form options, click on one of the links below:


  1. Form fields
  2. Submit button
  3. Actions after submitting
  4. Additional options


  1. To form
  2. Field
  3. Button
  4. Messages

Note: the browser handles all field error messages.