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The eternal question How to sell with your ecommerce ?. Many entrepreneurs are choosing to start an online business through an Ecommerce. This happens mainly for two reasons; by the rising sales curve of ecommerce and by the "low investment" involved in setting up an online store. Although you should not make the classic mistake of investing in creating a fantastic ecommerce, with a spectacular design and not using a correct online marketing strategy.

These are some tips that will help you start selling with your ecommerce.

14 tips on how to sell with your ecommerce

1.- Personalized and very original design.

Design is an aspect that is not taken into account when creating an ecommerce, although it is a fundamental aspect for three reasons; own and personalized design, generates confidence and security to users and why it allows to attract attention, creating prominent areas.

2.- Make an ecommerce with a responsive design and fully adapted to mobile devices.

More and more users are buying through mobile devices, whether smartphones or tablets, and in about a year they will surpass traditional equipment. In addition, the mobile version allows us to offer a simpler and reduced menu, since what we are interested in is that the user goes easily to the product.

3.- Create viral promotions of your most representative products.

The goal is to spread the word about your products through promotional briefs lasting 1 to 2 minutes. The ideal is to make an original script for each product so that in this way we surprise the user with a new story.

4.- Images are very important.

The image of the product is one of the key and decisive factors for a user to click to buy. Therefore, we must use images where the real product is always presented, not approximate, and that it has a good resolution, as well as a good aesthetic, it is preferable to hire a photographer to take very professional photos of our products. This is an aspect to take into account when it comes to how to sell with your ecommerce.

5.- Quality is better than quantity.

It is preferable to choose a small sample of articles so that we can work the content properly, it is not about writing a description line per product.

6.- Perform SEO in groups of 10 products.

The idea is to select 10 out of 10 products, based on relevance or demand, and try to get it to the first page of Google as a minimum, since being on page 3 or page 300 does not make much difference. If you want to sell you have to be in the first 5 positions. If you are not on the first page of Google you do not exist in the search engine.

7.- Analyze the competition.

We are interested in knowing the actions they carry out, as well as the cost of the products. It is useless to take a product to the first position in Google if the one that is in second position or sells at a price 20% lower than ours. The online customer can come to compare 3 to 5 online stores that offer the desired product.

8.- Social networks are vital to publicize ecommerce as well as to improve SEO.

In social networks we are not melons and we start selling, the objective of the social network is to create a community of followers and loyalty.

For a few months it has been an important factor in SEO, and it will become more important in the coming months seeing the trends of users on social networks.

9.- Publish your products on other websites such as Amazon, Mecamania, Solostocks, etc. that have millions of views.

In a few days our products can be available to millions of buyers. Keep an eye on the commissions and expenses of these sales portals.

10.- Launch viral promotions that offer discounts to those users who invite another friend to buy in the online store.

If we offer attractive hooks that involve users to make us public, it can be a good way to make ourselves known, for this we must offer something attractive to the buyer and the people they invite, the more attractive the gift or discount, the faster it is. will do the broadcast.

11.- Organize contests through Facebook.

Organizing a contest on facebook can be a fantastic tool to publicize our company in a very short time. Avoid running a points contest and breaking the rules established by Facebook.

12.- Create a blog where you give advice, applications and uses of the products and services offered by your ecommerce.

The blog is a tool that allows you to reach the top positions of the search engine in a short time, and therefore is a very valuable source of visits that we can bring to our business. The key to make the blog work is that it is really useful for users.

13.- Offer confidence, security and ease with your ecommerce.

Given that there are probably dozens or hundreds of ecommerce companies that offer your products, to be successful we must be one step ahead of the competition and offer a simple and reliable service to our customers. It makes the navigation path to the products and the buying process very clear, and offers help via chat or a toll-free phone. The buyer must be totally sure of the purchase to be made.

14.- Make your customers loyal through an email marketing strategy.

A good way to retain customers is to offer them special promotions and that these promotions are only exclusive to them. You have to know how to differentiate between promotions for the general public and those that are aimed at our ecommerce customers. The email marketing strategy will bring us an increase in sales but we must not abuse it and tire our customers.


14 tips on how to sell with your ecommerce

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