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What is a CRM Manager and what is their job within the company

Each entrepreneur has a unique vision of their business. Regardless, everyone agrees that a large part of success comes from customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer is the goal of any business. These days, offering a quality product or service is not always a guarantee of success. Perhaps your competition is also offering the same. There is only one differential factor: the management of the customer relationship.

The acronym "CRM" can be set as technology or procedure intended to interact with the client. The purpose of such interaction is to determine a connection. This link, in turn, is responsible for other benefits that derive from the final objective of any business activity, which is the achievement of profits. Like other processes that occur in a company, this one is managed by a manager. We will see below what a CRM Manager is.

What is a CRM Manager?

The solution is simple. Is a specialist in interaction with the clients of a company. Companies that have this number on their organization chart start with a competitive advantage.

A job description for a CRM manager will give us more information on the relevance of this position.

CRM manager job description

The primary role of a customer relationship expert is establish, examine and implement the CRM strategy aimed at promoting customer loyalty and loyalty. This feature also helps:

  • Develop a customer segmentation strategy
  • The design and implementation of marketing and promotional campaigns.
  • The implementation of cutting-edge marketing technologies, systems and instruments (such as CRM tools)

This last section is very important to monitor direct customer communications and provide an effective sales funnel. Other responsibilities of the CRM manager include:

  • Development of marketing techniques to attract new customers.
  • Maximize value strategies throughout the life of the client.
  • Propose new methods to satisfy customer needs.
  • Marketing metrics analysis (conversion rate, web analytics, etc.)
  • Participation in promotional events to attract potential clients.
  • Other functions to maintain and improve the status of the company in the eyes of the client.
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The effectiveness of a person in a certain position is measured through key performance indicators. the CRM Expert It is no exception and its performance can be examined through key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversion rates, retention and customer churn. These are the main indicators. While other values are also relevant, such as response rates to campaigns and promotions, as well as average revenue per user.

Qualification of a CRM manager

The job description of a CRM manager, as well as any other position, includes not only the tasks but also the requirements. In other words, a candidate for a position must meet certain characteristics and skills for effective performance. We will cite the most relevant requirements requested by most companies.

In general, a professional must have excellent analytical and management skills.

Management skills

This includes the ability to manage people and projects, communication skills, being decisive, keeping details in mind, as well as resistance to stress.

Analysis capacity

People who know how to analyze data, understand customer behavior, monitor and examine processes can boast of great analytical skills.

Creative skills

Being creative means taking an original approach to most things like content creation, email marketing, social media management, etc.


What conclusion should be drawn based on what is defined in this post? The figure of the CRM Manager is a key element to compete with the alternatives. A customer relationship management specialist does not manage an IT system, but puts in place a process of changing the mindset of the company to satisfy customers.

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