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▷ Is the Facebook CRM integration effective in all companies?

At first glance, Facebook and CRM are targeting opposing groups - people connecting with friends versus salespeople managing possibilities. Regardless, CRM is built on the premise that the more data you have about your customers, the better your relationship management will be.

And when it comes to collecting data on people, Facebook is king.

Many CRM providers offer ways to take advantage of Facebook's data collection potential. When a company adopts a CRM, it believes that it "requires" to integrate it immediately with Facebook to remain relevant and competitive, but this is not always the case. Integration with Facebook is not a panacea, it is just another alternative that may or may not be suitable for your business.

Yes Integration with Facebook CRM suitable for your business highly dependent on target markets. As we will see below, a company dedicated to B2B is not in the same situation as one oriented to B2C.

B2C and Facebook CRM integration

Social media in general, and Facebook in particular, are a channel where people easily share things with their friends and family. They can show pictures, events, significant appointments, etc. They have also become a loudspeaker through which people talk about their shopping experiences and their interactions with customer service.

Facebook CRM integration is useful for companies that focus on B2C sales. They can monitor social media for product mentions, monitor the performance of marketing campaigns, and collect useful data on customers and prospects in the portfolio. In this context, sales reps with a Facebook feed in the CRM get useful and actionable information.

Facebook may also provide information to customer service. If a user complains about your product or service on Facebook, you can quickly find them and fix the incident. From this dynamic, not only does it prevent a complaint from going "viral", but it also reinforces its brand image in the eyes of consumers.

B2B and Facebook CRM integration

When it comes to B2B, Facebook CRM integration is less effective. And not because there is a limitation of Facebook or CRM, but mainly because of what people share on social media. As the name suggests, most of the people on Facebook are there for the social side. They are not there to discuss company purchases or the processes behind those purchases.

It's not uncommon to find someone on Facebook talking about their new shoes, but how often do you see a company talking about their new printers? These are internal conversations and generally do not become public information on Facebook. Most companies that have a page use it to advertise their own products and services, not to talk about the purchases they have made or their needs.

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The same applies to service problems. Business customers often have higher expectations when it comes to customer service. If they have a problem, they will call you and let you know, at the same time, that many companies have assigned customer service managers; it is unusual for them to report the complaint to their followers through Facebook.

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Exceed the limits

An incredible amount of people use Facebook every day. Something tempting for any business promotion. Despite everything, what is initially presented as an advantage to attract potential customers can damage the image of the company if it is not used correctly. Even though many people use Facebook to search for business information, they are not comfortable when the opposite is the case, when companies search for it.

Some people consider their social spaces to be sacred and any intrusion could provoke a hostile reaction towards the brand. Nobody wants to feel harassed by a seller on Facebook, so be careful, if you opt for the Facebook CRM integration, with the information you collect and use.

One thing is let a customer find you through eye-catching posts or advertisements (Facebook Ads), and another is to sue a user who has not shown any sign of interest in our services or products.

Is the Facebook CRM integration a powerful tool or a distraction?

Before proceeding with the Facebook CRM integration, must objectively examine whether it will benefit the company and the vendors. Don't add it just because it's the new feature sold by the companies that make the software or by Facebook itself; Remember that providers have to create new features every year; Facebook integration is one of the most popular today.

Before adding a tool or font to your CRM program, you must establish the concrete and measurable benefits that the tool will offer you. If you add a new feature just because it's the most popular feature, it will likely end up becoming another distraction for your workers.

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