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The legend of the treasure Lost will not only have a third movie, but will also feature a television series at the same time.

If you're a fan of adventure movies, you're probably looking forward to the next movie. from The Legend of the Lost Treasure. This franchise, which came under the name of National Treasure in the United States and The search in Spain, it was well received by the public. The first adventure on the big screen came in 2004, while the second part did it 3 years later.

Although the franchise lost steam with the second film, many of the fans were left wishing it would become a trilogy. Finally, their requests were heard and the return of the saga to theaters is being prepared. In spite of everything, it is not the only plan in process to The legend of the lost treasure, since the details at the same time are adjusted for a T.V. series. According to information just out of the oven, it will be announced on the platform of Disney Plus.

Plans for The legend of the treasure lost on tv

Series confirmed to premiere on Disney Plus

Confirmation of the Serie from The legend of the lost treasure because the mouse pad passed Jerry bruckheimer. According Collider, the producer assured that this franchise has the potential to diversify into different formats. The idea is that fans of these types of adventure and mystery stories can enjoy a more developed plot.

«It is true, we are working on a series of The legend of the lost treasure for streaming and we are working on a new project for the big screen. Hopefully the two of you team up and we'll bring you another Legend of the lost treasure. Both are in a very active process. The series of Disney Plus it's with a much younger cast. Same concept, but with a young cast. In cinemas we will have the usual cast. Today the film version is being written. The television version is in the works. We have a pilot done and a sketch for future episodes, "he said.

Both projects are clearly in an early stage; however, everything indicates that there could be a very short difference in release dates. Although many would like to see the original actors in the T.V. series, it was practically impossible. Despite everything, fans of the franchise will be more comfortable knowing that they will have Nicolas Cage, Diane kruger Y Jon voight in the third installment.

A split review, a prominent box office

The first installment of the franchise arrived in 2004

While critics weren't sympathetic to the franchise The legend of the lost treasure, the public responded in a good way in theaters. In the case of the first film, revenues of more than 347 million dollars were reported, while the second managed to exceed that figure with more than 457 million. In total, the almost 805 million dollars justify the attempt to revive the saga.

The new movie at the same time would mark the return of Nicolas Cage to the top of the global box office, as the film is likely to rank among the highest grossing places during its first weeks of release.

How about the idea of a tv series of The legend of the lost treasure?

The Legend of Lost Treasure franchise was well received at the box office


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