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Fans regret that the series Rock castle It has been canceled after 2 seasons.

There is no good news for fans of Rock castle, the horror series based on the fictional multiverse of Stephen King. Hulu announced in recent days that the adventure has come to an end after 2 seasons. Unfortunately, a fair explanation was not given to viewers, who want to know why they decided to withdraw the creation of Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason from their projects.

This decision was seen to come because we had not known anything about the production for a long time. We went about 1 year with no news, leaving fans of the show speculating about the renewal of a third season or, sadly, its cancellation. In conclusion, Hulu confirmed that Rock castle It has been canceled, an announcement that saddened several users on social networks.

Rock castle he leaves without giving explanations

It was a series with a lot of potential

What caused the most annoyance among the followers of Rock castle is that it seems that there is no reason for the cancellation. The number of viewers and reproductions would not have been low, so the decision must respond to other reasons.

Among them, could be the fact that Warner Television decided to invest more efforts in exclusive productions of HBO Max. Therefore, it would be focused on other projects that have commercial priority, so Rock castle it would be part of this "secondary series" cut.

Season 1 really got us excited with some of its episodes, finding multiple references to the universe of the master of literary horror, Stephen King. Allusions to The bright Y Salem's Lot mystery. It's sad to see it canceled because it seemed to be one of those productions with a lot of potential and numerous possibilities on the threshold.

It should be remembered that Bad robot is developing a series that would bear the title of Ignore, which would have as its main setting the chilling hotel of The bright. Again, the work of King shows that he has a lot of life on the small screen. A few days ago, it became known that a Series of That, the terrible creature of the writer's universe.

Do you think Castle Rock deserved a season 3? We read you in the comments area.

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The series had a strong fan base.

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