What are Facebook bots about?

A bot works like a virtual assistant. It is programmed to generate interaction with the user in a predefined way. Its objective is that you do not need to interact directly to serve a customer or user, but rather that the bot becomes your business partner.

At first I may sound dreamlike but surely you have already used one at least once in your life (and without knowing it). For example, both the IOS Siri virtual assistant and Cortana in Windows are bots, and they have helped thousands of people find the information they were looking for.

Although they have been with us for a long time, it is now when they are becoming more famous, especially thanks to their integration in apps and platforms such as Telegram or Facebook Messenger itself and even WhatsApp.

Of the types out there, these are the main categories of bots:

  • Traffic bots: are created to get traffic on web pages or on social networks to generate likes or visits in a YouTube video.
  • Trending bots: They are dedicated to generating conversion volume artificially to make it a trending topic (or simulate popularity).
  • Following bots: your goal is to follow other accounts. They are usually offered by services sold by followers or friends. These are the typical ones for inflating accounts.
  • Chat bots: robots designed to serve and interact with the client. This is the one that interests us.

Why should you use a Chatbot?

Because it allows generating leads at low cost. It allows users to answer questions without spending valuable time. Perhaps the most desired by all is the possibility create a list of "Subscribers" and add them to your list of mailing .

In short, you will be able to generate leads, build a relationship with your users, attract them, segment them and finally convert them into customers. Now, let's be clear that bots are not tools to send content left and right.

This way, you can build a relationship with someone with the right content, message, style and call to action.

A great reason is the massiveness of Facebook and its global reach, it is estimated that 1.2 billion people use Facebook Messenger. If we add to this that consumers prefer to use instant messaging applications to communicate with companies, we have the perfect combo.

In a world that is governed by speed and immediacy, the user does not want to wait for your opening time to answer their questions. He will leave without thinking twice about the competition. That is why it is convenient to implement a bot that can respond 24/7.


5 ways to use Facebook bots


#1. Solve customer doubts and frequently asked questions

You could schedule an automatic response for everything you can think of, then it won't be necessary to manually respond over and over again to the same thing. The key is to detect those repetitive things that happen in your project, and try to automate it.

Bots can start a conversation using a keyword. This can be "doubt", "trip", "course" ... whatever you think your potential client can write.

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#2. Provide content in a personalized way

A bot can become an ideal partner for you content strategy and you will be able to nurture customer relationships through valuable content (100% automated).

For example, a retailer's bot could be in charge of helping users find products within their article offer and offer its technical qualities. As a recommendation I would tell you that if you use a bot as a content strategy, don't become a spammer. It is one thing to derive traffic to your website and another to sell or promote your products and services.

The sense of using a bot is for the user to get closer to the brand, not the opposite

The most widely used way to start a conversation with your future prospect is the "passive" way. Basically, it consists of segmenting your leads through an informal chat in which the user shows what their problem is by selecting from several options. You can add these types of conversational sequences to any bot. The conversation would be something like: "Do you need help?", "Very well, how can I help you?"

#3. Show products

If you sell products, you could program a bot so that show the items the customer is looking for and manage the purchase process.

You can even display your catalog in the form of an image carousel. Even close the sale and collect it.

#4. Validate your new business ideas

Before putting any product or service on the market, test the audience through feedback. A chatbot you can do this easily. You just have to launch your question to your subscribers on Facebook. Listen to them and see the percentage of people who are interested in your idea. In this way you will also plant small “purchase seeds” and create expectations even before bringing the product to light.

#5. Use it in your Facebook Ads campaigns

You probably already know that you can send a user who clicks on your ad to a conversation with your bot to close the sale or the lead. But also, if you chatbot it does its job and your ideal customers like you, you will get more comments, shares and I like you. This automatically leads to an increase in the relevance of your ad, lowering the price you have to pay in the bid. Is that your friend, the one who doesn't ask for anything change, the one who is always there when they need it… can increase your CTR.


Are you interested in implementing a chatbot in your project?

Send us a message and we will tell you more

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