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If you like the FORMULA 1 we teach you the best android apps with the purpose of watch the races for free. At the same time, we teach you the best pages To see them online and live.


Content that we explain to you:

Android applications to watch Formula 1 for FREE on Android Live

If you are looking to enjoy the motor world from your cell phone or tablet, we advise you not to miss the following The best Android applications to watch Formula 1 for FREE on Android Live what we suggest

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See Wiseplay Formula 1


We start with Wiseplay, an application that will undoubtedly be liked by all those fans of the Formula 1 how works through the famous Wiseplay lists so you can follow the motor competition through different lists that you just have to download and upload through the application.

Download Wiseplay

Kodi to watch Formula 1 online


Along with Wiseplay, we also have to recommend Kodi for Android which, more than an application, is a platform with which to enjoy a good amount of content through various channels. Among all that it offers, It will be relatively easy for us to watch Formula 1 And even though Kodi requires patience when installing it, it is worth it thanks to its offer and fundamentally, to the image quality with which it offers the races.

Download Kodi

Watch Acestream Formula 1

As with Kodi, Acestream is much more than just an application to watch Formula 1 for free and live. It is a whole platform with which to follow all kinds of content and especially events like this one that now occupies our attention. You can also connect the app with your smart TV via Chromecast or Google Cast.

Download Acestream

See Mobdro Formula 1


Mobdro is a well-known application for those who want to be able to watch football online, but the truth is that it's also not good for watching content such as series, movies and, anyway, Formula 1. Now, in this application you do it. I'm not looking for links, but for channels. therefore that To see Formula 1 you must search for the channel and connect.

Download MOBDRO APK to watch it for free

Watch Formula 1 from IPTV

In the same way as Wiseplay, with IPTV you can watch Formula 1 through your smartphone, but connected to your Smart TV. This application has countless channels even when it highlights those that broadcast sports content such as Formula 1.

IPTV download

RedDirect to watch Formula 1


We continue to see which are the most recommended Android Applications to Watch Formula 1 FREE on Android Live and anyway, we have to tell you about RojaDirecta for Android that for years has been imposed among applications to watch football and sports in general, therefore If you enter it on the day that Formula 1 is held, you will see the links that take you to its transmission.

Download Rojadirecta

Movistar Plus or YOMVI (Movistar +, Canal Plus)


Movistar plus It was for years the one who broadcast Formula 1 almost exclusively and still broadcasts it so that your clients can see all the races free by downloading the application that is also free and boasts truly remarkable image quality.

Download Movistar Plus

Direct GP without costs


Even though Libre Directo GP is an application that we know fundamentally for being one of the best when it comes to watching football, we can say that it also helps us find the links that allow us to to be able to watch Formula 1, live and anyway, for free.

Download the APK of Free Direct GP to watch Formula 1 for free



With a simple interface, full of links and equivalent to that of Libre Directo GP, Sopcast is an application that has direct access to Formula 1 through various streaming broadcasts. Some of them fail, but since there are several links that we can find, you will surely find a good quality one.

Download Sopcast APK

Splive TV


Our review of the best applications to watch Formula 1 for free ends with this last recommendation. Splive TV has access to all sports channels, some as well known as Bein TV, so it will be totally easy for you to watch Formula 1.

Download Splive TV APK

Pages to watch Formula 1 online FREE live

For those who wish to be able to follow the formula 1 online But from your computer, we can recommend some of the best pages in this regard. These are:


EliteGol talks about one of the best pages to watch football online, but it also has a wide variety of sporting events, including Formula 1. The page is fast, easy to navigate and also has no ads, what more could you ask for?


In the case of FutbolenlaTV, it is another web portal dedicated mainly to beautiful sports, even though it also has coverage of outstanding sporting events such as Formula 1. In its case, despite everything, it is not a web portal where content and Yes one. in which you have all the information with dates and times, So you can keep up to date with how long the races are taking place and see them in another of the recommendations that we are giving you.

On live Tv

On LiveTV, sport is the protagonist, which is why it has to be among our page recommendations to watch Formula 1 online and for free. It has a lot of information, links and schedules but don't get lost. You just have to go to the top of the screen where you will see the search engine that will allow you Find the Formula 1 race or Grand Prix you want to watch.


Pirlo TV has a lot of football but it also has a lot of varied content. You should only have access on the day the Grand Prix is held want to watch and you will find several links that will take you to the real-time broadcast. You should miss that, yes, some ads.


With an extremely easy to navigate interface and links to any sporting event taking place, Redstream is perhaps, One of the best alternatives to watch Formula 1. The page loads quickly, has hardly any ads, and offers the retransmission of official channels, so don't miss this recommendation.

Direct red

Rojadirecta is well known among football lovers. This is the page dedicated to sport par excellence and in it you will also have the links to the transmission of any Formula 1 grand prix to be celebrated. At the same time, as we have already seen, it also has an app for mobile phones, which makes it much easier for us to see what interests us on any platform. Of course, the links lead you to have to also install a platform or player of the type or install a program like Sopcast.


It may sound less familiar to you, but SportLemon is also one of the best pages to follow Formula 1 and, in its case, with quite remarkable streaming quality. if actually, the page is entirely in English.


To complete this review of the The best pages to watch Formula 1 online for free and liveWe also want to recommend Ustream, a page that has channels of all kinds that are loaded according to the users who watch them. So it's perfect for days like Formula 1 where it's easy for you to find a broadcast, even when a lot of people will be online.

The best online sports betting houses to watch Formula 1 live

We also end up recommending the best bookmakers to watch Formula 1 since at the same time as betting they give you access to watch the races online and live.

888 sport

888 Sport is for many betting experts the best page to place bets on sporting events. The web portal requires prior registration even though it is free and with this you will be able to access and see access to any event that is played live to bet on it. With that, then you will be able to watch Formula 1 easily.


In addition, the Bwin page is well known, which has various types of bets, also highlighting those that refer to sports events.It has a simple interface, giving prominence to a Board in which the events for which we can bet are listed and anyway, the ones we can see live.


Betfair is also a betting web portal where you can follow sports. In a simple way, you will be able to access the Live links of Formula 1 races and besides anyway, betting on who is our favorite runner, being able to change the bet at any time as the race unfolds.

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