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Fix INTERNET DISCONNECTED error Error in Chrome: if you cannot access the Internet and when you try to open a website, you will receive the error message "Google Chrome cannot display the web page because your computer is not connected to the Internet" or "I don't know you can connect to the Internet ». But in both cases, you will find the error code "Err_Internet_Disconnected" in the above error messages.

So the first thing you do when you can't visit a website in Chrome is that you try to visit the same website in other browsers like Firefox or Microsoft Edge. If you can visit the same website in Firefox or Edge, then there is definitely something wrong with Google Chrome and you need to fix the underlying cause in order to use Chrome properly again.

If you cannot visit the same website in other browsers as well, then you need to check if the website you are trying to visit is accessible from another PC and network. You try to visit other websites on the PC that encounters ERR INTERNET DISCONNECTED error and if you still encounter this error, you should follow this guide to fix the problem.


But sometimes, there might be a problem with a particular website, so make sure that is not the case here, just try the fixes below if you can't access any website on chrome or any other browser. There are several reasons that can cause this problem, such as cookies and cached files, incorrect network settings, DNS problem, VPN or proxy problem, antivirus or firewall may be blocking the connection, IPv6 may be interfering, etc. So without wasting any time let's see how to fix ERR INTERNET DISCONNECTED error in Chrome with the help of troubleshooting guide below.


Make sure to create a restore point in case something goes wrong.

Method 1: Clear the browser cache

1.Open Google Chrome and press Ctrl + H to open the history.

2.Then click Clear browsing data in the left panel.


3. Make sure "beginning of time" is selected in Obliterate the following items from.

4.Also, check the following:

Browsing history Download history Cookies and other stud and plugin data Cached images and files Autocomplete form data Passwords


5.Now click the Clear browsing data button and wait for it to finish.

6.Close your browser and restart your PC to save the changes =

Method 2: Restart the modem / router and your PC

Usually a simple reboot can fix such Internet disconnected error immediately. There are 2 means of restarting the wireless modem or router:

1.Enter the administrator's administration page by opening the browser (type in the address bar any of the following IP -,, or and then look for Management -> Reboot.

type-the-ip-address-to-access-router-settings-and-then-provide-username-and-password-3380561 click-reboot-in-order-to-fix-dns_probe_finished_bad_config-7918340

2.Turn off the power by unplugging the power cord or pressing its power button and turn it back on after a while.


Once you restart your modem or router, connect your computer and see if you can fix the Internet disconnected error in Chrome.

Method 3: Run the Network Troubleshooter

1.Press Windows key + I to open Settings and then click Update & Security.


2. In the menu on the left, select Troubleshoot.

3.In Troubleshooting, click Internet Connections, and then click Run the troubleshooter.


4. Follow the on-screen instructions to run the Network Troubleshooter and see if it is able to fix the Internet Disconnected Error in Chrome.

Method 4: Clear DNS and restart TCP / IP

1.Right-click the Windows button and select "Command Prompt (Admin)".


2.Now type the following command and hit enter after each one:

ipconfig / releaseipconfig / flushdnsipconfig / renew


3. Reopen the Admin Command Prompt and type the following and hit enter after each one:

ipconfig / flushdns nbtstat -r netsh int ip reset reset c: resetlog.txt netsh winsock reset


4.Restart to apply the changes. Clearing the DNS seems to fix the ERR INTERNET DISCONNECTED error on chrome.

Method 5: Disable proxy servers

1.Press Windows Key + R and type msconfig and click OK.


2.Select the boot tab and check the safe boot option. Then click Apply and OK.


3.Restart your PC and once rebooted press Windows key + R and type inetcpl.cpl.


4. Press Ok to open Internet Properties and from there select Connections and then click LAN Settings.


5.Uncheck "Use a proxy server for your LAN". Then click OK.


6.Again open msconfig and uncheck the safe boot option, then click apply and OK.

7.Restart your PC and you may be able to fix ERR INTERNET DISCONNECTED error in Chrome.

Method 6: Disable IPv6

1.Press Windows key + R and type the following command and hit Enter:

control.exe / name Microsoft.NetworkAndSharingCenter

2.Now click on your current connection to open settings.

Note: If you cannot connect to the network, use the Ethernet cable to connect and follow this step.

3.Click the Properties button in the Wi-Fi status window.


4. Make sure to uncheck Internet Protocol version 6 (TCP / IPv6).


5.Click OK and then Close. 6. Restart your PC to save the changes.

Method 7: Reinstall your network adapter

1.Press Windows Key + R, then type "devmgmt.msc" and press Enter to open Device Manager.


2. Expand network adapters and find the name of your network adapter.

3. Make sure to write down the name of the adapter in case something goes wrong.

4.Right-click your network adapter and select Uninstall.


5.Restart your PC and Windows will automatically install the default drivers for the network adapter.

6.If you can't connect to your network, it means the driver software is not installed automatically.

7.Now you have to visit the manufacturer's website and download the driver from there.


9.Install the driver and restart your PC to save the changes.

Method 8: Temporarily disable antivirus and firewall

1.Right-click the Antivirus Program icon in the system tray and select Disable.


2. Next, select the time during which the Antivirus will remain disabled.


Note: Choose the shortest amount of time possible, for example 15 or 30 minutes.

3.Once done, try again to connect to the WiFi and check if the error is resolved or not.

4. Type the control in Windows Search and then click Control Panel from the search result.


5.Then click on System and Security.

6. Then click on Windows Firewall.


7.Now, from the left pane of the window, click Turn Windows Firewall on or off.


8.Select Turn off Windows Firewall and restart your PC. 9.Retry to connect to WiFi and see if you can fix the ERR INTERNET DISCONNECTED error in Chrome.

If the above method doesn't work, make sure to follow the exact same steps to turn the Firewall back on.

Method 9: Delete the wireless profiles

1.Press Windows key + R, then type services.msc and press Enter.


2.Scroll down until you find WWAN Autoconfiguration, then right-click and select Stop.


3. Press Windows key + R again and type "C: N-ProgramDataN-MicrosoftNWlansvc" (without quotes) and press Enter.


4. Delete everything (most likely the MigrationData folder) in the Wlansvc folder except the profiles.

5.Now open the Profiles folder and delete everything except Interfaces.

6.In the same way, open the Interfaces folder and delete everything inside.


7.Close File Explorer, then in the services window right-click WLAN Autoconfiguration and select Start.


Method 10: Restart Google Chrome

1.Open Google Chrome and click on the three dots in the upper right corner and on Settings.


2.Now in the settings window, scroll down and click Advanced at the bottom.


3.Scroll down again and click on the "Restart" column.


4. This would open a pop-up window again asking if you want to Reset, so click Reset to continue.


Hope the steps above were able to help you fix the "Err_Internet_Disconnected" error in Chrome, but if you still have any questions about this guide or the "Err_Internet_Disconnected" error, then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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