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After an SEO audit we implement the necessary changes on your website to enhance your positioning in Google. Many Spanish companies trust us.

What to do to get out first on Google?

Tu camino comienza aquí. Casi siempre nuestros clientes españoles tienen claro la importancia de la presencia digital hoy en día. Sin embargo, entender cómo generar recurring organic traffic to our sales channel (and therefore more inquiries and sales), it can be somewhat more complicated. We are the seo agency ideal for your project.

It all starts with what's called SEO audit. Here we seek to answer some questions such as: Does our website load at the appropriate loading speed? How do we position ourselves with respect to other websites in Spain? Is the content good? Does it satisfy the user's search need?

With this clear, the planning of the improvements to be made begins. It is important to act with a cost-benefit criterion, so as not to waste time on tasks that add little value and consume a lot of time.

The implementation of improvements involves tasks such as: External linking, text creation, image compression, expanding website functions, general redesign, etc. Each case is unique and requires specific tasks.

Implementing this we can begin to see improvements, in many cases, immediate. Getting substantial and permanent traffic increases. Although the competition in the Valencian Community is high, optimizing your website is always worth it and more than compensates.

What does positioning cover organic: Your keys

Seo On-Page


Las Keywords son términos de búsqueda habitualmente utilizados por usuarios del buscador. Para esto, Google llegar a utilizar más de 210 variables para determinar qué contenido es mejor para el usuario ante determinada búsqueda. Uno de ellos es la presencia de keywords en el texto.

Content based on the user's search intentions is one way to drive more organic traffic and rank for new keywords.

User experience

Otra de las variables utilizadas por Google para determinar el posicionamiento de un sitio web, es la experiencia del usuario. Día a día se registran todas las acciones de los usuarios que entran a nuestra página y se comparan con las webs de nuestros competidores. Si nuestra web carga demasiado lento(por el hosting), o es demasiado pesada(imágenes no comprimidas), puede lograr que el usuario abandone nuestra web sin realizar ninguna interacción. Es por esto que tenemos que vigilar de cerca algunas métricas como por ejemplo el rebote, para determinar el origen del problema.

Quality of content

Does the content of your website respond correctly to the user's search intention? If we search for "flu vaccine", what result would we expect on Google? A vaccination center or the history of vaccines for the disease? This type of analysis should be done for all of our content. With this in mind, we can create content that attracts qualified traffic.

Seo Off-page

Link Building

El número de dominios apuntando a tu web es un factor que Google considera a la hora de posicionar tu web. Esto implica transmisión de autoridad. Si los dominios son del mismo nicho que tu página web, y su vez tienen autoridad (porque han recibido enlaces de calidad), tu página web debería posicionarse mejor que una web con un perfil de enlaces pobres.

Crawl Budget

Google has a tracking "budget" for each website. This is so, since it must monitor the millions of websites that are on the network and therefore must ration its analytical capacity. What impact does it have on SEO? If our website allows indexing pages without content (such as tag pages, or category pages, or simply posts that never had visits), we will be wasting the opportunity for Google to crawl the pages with content that we are interested in positioning.

Social reputation

Como ya es sabido, Google toma indicadores en redes sociales para medir la confiabilidad de una determinada web. Tener artículos de nuestra web que son compartidos por cientos de personas en Facebook implican una gran señal para el motor de búsqueda de Google y es probable que incremente nuestro posicionamiento orgánico para esa página, o bien, que la posicione para nuevas Keywords.

Life puts everyone in their place, and if you do SEO, it will surely put you a little higher. Never forget that the 2nd page of Google is the coward's refuge.

Nobody anywhere

SEO company in Alicante

Increase traffic

El mejor ranking de tu página web te permitirá generar un tráfico estable y durarero

Make contacts

Obtaining quality visits will allow you to increase inquiries and sales of your business

Increase your customers

Organic positioning is the digital marketing service that generates the best ROI in the medium and long term

Our clients' messages are our best inspiration


  • Super professionals SEO Agency. Many doubts were cleared and his attention was quite good. 100% I recommend.
  • I was looking for a serious and reliable SEO agency for my campaigns. Finally I found her. I am very happy with the service and attention.
  • I recommend this seo agency. Very good work, attentive and communicative with the client. They were very helpful, thank you very much !!!

We are the best option for the positioning of your website

Your visibility, your clients, our business


Does SEO generate quick results?

Esto va en función del sector o nicho, además también dependerá de competidores que haya en cada palabra clave específica. La realidad es que cuando la competencia es baja, es factible lograr excelentes resultados en pocas horas. En aquellos sectores o palabras claves de alta competencia, los resultados pueden tardar varios meses.

We are aware of the need to have tangible results as soon as possible. That is why we study all the opportunities there are to achieve traffic and queries as soon as possible.

What types of web can we position?

It is possible to position any type of web. From personal blogs, corporate websites to online stores. Based on technical adjustments and content creation, we seek to get organic traffic for any sector.

What is SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting is a way of writing that takes into account the keyword you want to position.

Using SEO tools, all the words and terms related to the keyword that occupies the subject of the post are taken into account.

Then, they are used within the text in a strategic way, taking into account elements such as titles, links to another page / s, adding images with relevant tags, bold text, etc.

What is local SEO?

The Local SEO es un compendio de técnicas dirigidas a aumentar la visibilidad de una página web o eCommerce en las SERP´s de Google teniendo en cuenta la ubicación geográfica del usuario que realiza la búsqueda. Ejemplo, supongamos que tienes un negocio en Alicante. Te interesará posicionarte para la keyword «Your product» + Alicante (or neighborhoods within said city). More and more Spanish companies are demanding this service.

It is possible to work the content of your website to achieve that specific positioning in the Spanish market.

Do you want to improve the SEO positioning of your website? We help you.

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