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Positioning with Google Adwords (SEM)

Make them find you easier

The Google Adwords platform offers us several options to approach your potential clients.

Through Adwords you will get your clients to see you at the exact moment when they Google what you offer.

Advanced segmentation

Reach out to your audience at the right time

We analyze your current and potential client portfolio to make an adequate segmentation: interests, geographic location, age ranges, etc.

In this way, we configure your campaign for better results

Personalized budget

Pay only for results. Together we develop an action plan based on the budget that your company can allocate.

No big capital is needed for a successful campaign. Sometimes, less is more.

In addition, you can select in which searches your ad will appear, reaching your target audience directly.

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Search Ads

Position your company in the list

Search ads are displayed next to search results that people do when they search

After the analysis of keywords, keywords and your competition, together with our techniques and tools, your company will be able to position itself in the Google list, generating more visits and conversions on the website.

Pay only per click

Google is the search engine that receives the most inquiries, its program ensures the exposure of your company to thousands of people.

The great advantage of this search ad system is that you only pay per click received

Interactive advertising

Ad extensions give your ad more importance on the search results page.

They serve to expand the possibilities of conversion of potential customers, giving them tools to obtain more information about your company.

Graphics Ads

I exhibited your brand

Today everything happens through online interaction. The potential customers of your company, spend most of their time on the web reading and interacting.

We propose you to reach them by projecting ads through millions of sites owned by the Google Display network

Achieve visual impact

We make any type of graphic element you need. Fixed and animated banners with interactive elements to maximize your ads on the Display network, encouraging the viewer various actions such as traffic to your website, a phone call, visits to your social networks, the purchase of a product, among others.

Results and Remarketing

We carry out campaigns that base part of their success on the correct segmentation of the public, selecting the best pages, topics or interests that best adapt to the heading of your company and the message that you want to convey. We carry out Remarketing and Retargeting campaigns, aimed at users who have previously interacted with your website, showing interest but not actually reaching it.


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